Get to Know the Silent Stars of "The Artist"

Berenice Bejo and Jean Dujardin talk about not talking in modern silent film.
7:44 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Get to Know the Silent Stars of "The Artist"
-- -- -- -- You've just in a scene from the artist which I think and everyone else thinks is one of the best movies this year and probably. And Academy Award. -- -- -- -- and now right here in this house we have the teams. -- -- -- East Asia. In -- John. Yep this I have to ask right away because we've seen a scene from the film and this is -- movie you too. Living acting in France. Are asked by your director. To come to Hollywood. And to make a movie a silent movie in black and white with the Hollywood -- What do you say to that I wouldn't you -- crates you say great what do you say great because that direct. -- happens is my husband your husband. Okay but not just for that because you know as an actor you don't get a chance to -- a script like that you don't get a chance community. And that can -- and talent he -- -- being that kind of movies I think. You know what ever if it was not my husband's I would say yes great just want to read it and just show me what you want to do. For sure but John did this -- -- you -- You in anyway the idea of doing this coming to. Hollywood to make -- yes and no. When that -- -- Told me about it. I said are you crazy it's very difficult to -- -- expert and what you want what kind of slate of movies and so with him a lot of movies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- Come to mind I didn't try to picture you know keep. And -- summarized by some growth. And that and -- -- -- on what I'm. I'm asking really is you have to do a movie without words. Prepare. You look at another what is written -- the movies. Do you make faces in the Mir with a -- though no -- It just comes from -- -- -- isn't it -- -- that we had ballot counts and it's we spoke -- -- parents' minds. Will we should start though by telling those people who haven't seen it yet just who you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If -- Six joke here sometimes -- -- and he has no instinct for the future. Because he doesn't like talking pictures. Yet. Doesn't want to make that next move -- -- -- Count but. It's a part we are we seeing you at the top. Of this character is star -- -- And then as your character comes and who is down here as an extra becomes. A huge star what you go -- it's like -- -- one way. Yeah I mean. -- -- is probably the biggest -- Was he says she's a young actress who. These tactics. Young young kind of young that young to second -- on screen and and she's gone me George -- and his hand she's going to be -- -- him. And she's not -- -- with him and. During his journey where he's just gonna fall and not want to do the transition to the talking and nobody want to work with him anymore -- -- real. Still care for him and look after him and and and and while she's raising -- -- try to. Thinking back to the industry and taking back to life and I love this character issues. She's very positive she's turned everything in a positive way and she's very faithful to life to him to everybody. It's a story will the both -- you as actors also did something most actors are advised never to do -- -- to act with an animal. And there's a dog. Eight -- -- -- -- -- That are what. -- -- has. Yet this Jack Russell Terry yet it does he had to donate managed of course yeah. That is trenor he has. Amount. But. It's worth. Easy. And where -- -- Oman. For two weeks. And with disease. There I was -- patients. And sometimes. -- -- for him. It gets him property. At that happened what you're dealing -- and I went without -- the government tabled -- four. -- -- -- Doesn't know what he's gonna do and he is really funny because he actually really follow everything this thing has thank -- -- he kind of leads in this news. Another senior he followed the dog but had no money. Yet. The others -- is the tactics that we both -- knack for offensive. And liar. Not -- that never. He was that it was. I don't have a reason for five months five months five months so you could take this act on the road. I haven't yet. And it. -- And now if we could do -- -- not much else. Sorry I can -- -- going to come up with excuses. I didn't veteran and you know. That that you -- I felt. To him and the and the cameras not ready for us. At the -- there. But that's not so -- -- -- -- I don't know we're not boring it's been that you -- that the Elliott -- my that people want to answer them and it was very because firstly it's always liked it if you ask -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15305271,"title":"Get to Know the Silent Stars of \"The Artist\"","duration":"7:44","description":"Berenice Bejo and Jean Dujardin talk about not talking in modern silent film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/silent-stars-the-artist-bernice-bejo-jean-dujardin-modern-silent-film-oscar-buzz-entertainment-15305271","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}