Star Jones Taking the Celebrity Highroad

The classy tv personality won't mix words with NeNe or Barbara.
2:25 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Star Jones Taking the Celebrity Highroad
You don't take crap from people. You really stood up what you believe in you know and take not a lot of names Barbara Walters and -- -- leaks -- that. -- -- I've never thought that I -- -- see the day. That any interviewer. Would put Barbara Walters and -- leaks in the same sentence and I'm sorry I have to -- it actually. That's enough for -- to be pregnant pause in this interviewed them and shame have we really gotten to that. By average problem the the single most honored female journalist all of our -- And there's nothing as she can have a say -- I no longer want Celebrity Apprentice I won hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of the American Heart Association. And the best part about no longer being in the hands I never have to be room we want to speak the name means -- and -- next -- I just want to where you get that. -- from because it -- Is a lot to step up to people sometimes in this business especially someone that's really. Coming for your chief of big bully and I and whether -- -- -- liberalism that's what I love about it. I don't really. Think about it that way to be honest with -- I am Hawaii. I'm never gonna allow you to take me into a position. That I stepped out of -- you know I was talking my grandmother. On Sunday and she said to me I'm so Pratt. Fuel and language on television recently the grandmother wouldn't sent. You won't use that found languages so many of these people do not stand up act and thing. My 92 year old grandmother is concerned about my language -- fifty. Next month with and she still concerned about -- language and that's because I have an obligation. I need to carry myself like -- at all times and so -- try to do that. In everything I do professionally and personally you succeed and he really do I mean not spent a lot of time with you and you always carry yourself like the lady. It's not that difficult test. Don't act a full work.

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{"id":15551785,"title":"Star Jones Taking the Celebrity Highroad","duration":"2:25","description":"The classy tv personality won't mix words with NeNe or Barbara.","url":"/Entertainment/video/star-jones-nene-barbara-gossip-celebrity-hollywood-15551785","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}