'Star Wars' speed dating reaches capacity as fans search for love

Lovers of "Star Wars" speed date at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.
1:52 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for 'Star Wars' speed dating reaches capacity as fans search for love
Didn't. Or. Not an earmark gets that its beauty. My best friend and even thought two years ago. Thought it was funny I'm fun and but afterwards thinking about it like what better place to meet a woman that might actually need to be the one hand some moment. Name your favorite stars. Yeah sorry but none did and telling how women being had a fine. Yeah. I've had a date on Saturday brylin. All guys line as girls like this morning's. And his thinking is pretty soon I love it like stories and I can't find anything so I mean there's thousands of people hairs I began the night. This is several. And slight. You don't like ours is like you don't see it has been here so if you ever wanted to update panel like yeah when I'm concrete long. Always nice to me tell us and our fans. I think what's next as and I nine. Well my friends and and on this is back and yeah. Actually lived in England eaten down here the sentiments. This one I'm still having a great time and it is so overwhelming. Really it's time. What better woman the woman you can go to dinner with the Kaiser disgusting where you wanna go she's telling you this you want to look. All of guard. And you can get around the right in the little incentive to go yup songs on persons and and she's getting that lap. Reuters creating my.

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{"id":46852104,"title":"'Star Wars' speed dating reaches capacity as fans search for love ","duration":"1:52","description":"Lovers of \"Star Wars\" speed date at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.","url":"/Entertainment/video/star-wars-speed-dating-reaches-capacity-fans-search-46852104","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}