Stephen Colbert's 'Sexiest Man' Problem

"Colbert Report" host decries People magazine's selection of Bradley Cooper.
1:03 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stephen Colbert's 'Sexiest Man' Problem
People magazine's sexiest man alive issue hits newsstands today but it's already sparked a little bit of controversy. The magazine named the hangover star Bradley Cooper as this year's hottest do let. Ryan Gosling fans while they beg -- -- -- stranded they feel -- -- the -- of march is really the sexiest man alive and they marched on People Magazine headquarters yesterday to protest and they are not alone a late night comics. He's outraged -- It may fall. I think to pick him just because he can speak French. And the missiles and took initiative ready to mail is that they -- -- -- there was all big deal anybody could. Do that that we read -- enabled local daunting done -- -- downtown. It's easy and. Now that of course you can call there's been none of -- let's look at women judge -- -- what's your take on this. I'm happy with the Bradley Cooper pick Brian -- -- would have been OK I think it's split. I'll split the only one no one -- do you have telcos can wouldn't --

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{"id":14983279,"title":"Stephen Colbert's 'Sexiest Man' Problem","duration":"1:03","description":"\"Colbert Report\" host decries People magazine's selection of Bradley Cooper.","url":"/Entertainment/video/stephen-colbert-mocks-people-sexiest-man-alive-pick-bradley-cooper-14983279","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}