Tanning Mom Denies Rumors She Was Drunk

Patricia Krentcil blames late hours, diet as reasons for her fall during drag show.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Transcript for Tanning Mom Denies Rumors She Was Drunk
The tanning mom is back in the news are you familiar with this creature -- -- -- secret identity. Willis -- a pretzel early this year she was accused of taking her six year old daughter into -- tanning -- she denied it and now she says she hasn't ended. In six months. Which that's going to be a problem for me because if she isn't heading mama when we call -- the bad mom might go or I guess. Patricia said she realizes how silly tanning is now -- decided to quit. She said quote would someone -- 7-Eleven mistook her for a slim Jim. This morning she was on a British talk show. Called this morning they're not that creative over there -- their titles that she discussed among other things and embarrassing fall on the red carpet at a nightclub event. You when you have a head injury when you that when -- -- younger that affects his speech what -- was that's the reason that she fell over on the red complex act set the Manhattan club the other nights the kind of all everywhere -- people who are refusing you have -- have I've been a drunken appearance -- -- -- -- what you want to sites that. Now this is really body. Number eight now and yes I'm from the place and I had a permit someone who hurt me is why. I've my equilibrium and my RA is low because I don't eat meat and stuff like that and I noted that about 830. And -- starts -- ten. So that was -- way out of my left. -- a fashion. And don't to Wear leather on leather.

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{"id":17225627,"title":"Tanning Mom Denies Rumors She Was Drunk","duration":"3:00","description":"Patricia Krentcil blames late hours, diet as reasons for her fall during drag show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tanning-mom-denies-rumors-of-being-drunk-17225627","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}