Taylor Kitsch on Journey of Becoming 'John Carter'

The actor went from hockey and hi-jinks to starring in a Hollywood blockbuster.
3:11 | 03/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Kitsch on Journey of Becoming 'John Carter'
You attack -- didn't. -- podcasts. And others. Targets. Champion John Carter. -- -- Yeah. You don't even come home from. -- who can -- And I can hear complaints this civil war confederate here cap and color is not just. What it was a day where you woke up and British Columbia accident itself Taylor. You need to act this is what media do what was that -- Go back to that Yahoo! go back again tiger with me right now -- in the Mir I wanna be your head what had happened. You can do it I'm criteria and I just grow up enemies you know bring in I think. I think that you games -- -- -- you know excessive escapism that we have now. And it was very simple. Doors -- -- imagination through -- And it would be outdoors eight hours today you know applies. In -- -- I did the they stared at me and true. But I'd love to you know I grew up running through these apple -- with these potato guns. And she's my best friends and stealing golf balls at the local golf course and selling them back to the people thinking unlike. Incredibly intuitive and Smart. It's -- wind up being everywhere I've and he never heading criminal -- fifth and yet -- that reportedly darted back go back about it. That was -- I'm -- -- now if I can trick used for buying your own golf balls. Actor. The Oscars just a few years you know I respectfully this -- there but your life that -- to be -- on the over. -- changing as much as. -- and three of my best friends. Last Friday we -- the only one. We weren't by the way you -- everywhere next week next that was basically it there was nobody you could -- -- go to DirecTV didn't matter. They want why can't we didn't now and now. You're in this thing that's going to making him image hubris. What is going to happen to you can keep -- head straight. It hard drugs. And partners -- -- all those parties. It's gonna get it. Yet when you hire a publicist after that pitch just four awards. That stated that the -- -- -- that's so I want attain -- -- display in the game yet just in the arm I don't know that matter what you do an occupant of that. -- When you look at fed going brilliantly he -- that. -- gravity. And you look at -- Ottawa residents want moment. I mean something TU does that -- to be seen in puppet thing to do although. It had to be jumping I don't care destroyed I think -- it. All right. Three and watch what you do but what was the moment. The war seen. That you fight these bastard -- of the -- and basically give him -- up for princess. And he yet this line is quite simple -- in the tone -- I wasn't there once -- won't I won't let it happen again when he that is vulnerable and he basically fight this whole army -- -- flashbacks. Civil war YU's -- That's the hard. Drive. I think that -- we -- this is. The kicker this is what I ask everybody that's on Erica who they are just and it -- in song. Here's I'm various years it's and the greatest singer lives so -- I knew that I I intuitive. Red white item on one issue. And I don't -- for full fall I just that it will not awful the war minute phone you know don't have. -- -- -- -- have to be something maybe there's a song that was in your head when you you're -- you that's what I do bets that the job. Let them already sweating and I hear you now I don't know what -- I can't believe they must -- -- -- -- month. She's just beat me it was -- about seeking yet to wake him up with the wrong breaks harming. I mean sound to -- weight. Hum. -- You know that yet you know it sounds like my nationality. Hold me. Who knew him and. And in. And hidden in. -- and and. -- -- Newton. There that's all I got. They're really -- skipper. Of Canada. I wish -- nothing -- they Don Carter of where every. Nobody ever. I am sure it. And made my day.

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{"id":15850074,"title":"Taylor Kitsch on Journey of Becoming 'John Carter'","duration":"3:11","description":"The actor went from hockey and hi-jinks to starring in a Hollywood blockbuster.","url":"/Entertainment/video/taylor-kitsch-journey-john-carter-15850074","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}