Trailer: 'Moneyball'

"Moneyball" is a 2012 Oscar contender.
2:23 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Trailer: 'Moneyball'
There are -- team and there are -- bid is fifty feet of crash but -- -- 6000. Dollars. What -- know. I mean more money -- -- you're fine players of the money that -- do. -- -- -- -- -- We programming note content do you guys talking the same old nonsense -- for Fabio got there. -- -- Your -- shouldn't be a lot -- musical -- five weeks in order to bluntly -- -- -- Who are you come here very first job -- Her first job. -- We're gonna kick things that you are forward I believe there's a championship team that we can afford because everyone else -- -- guys like an island -- mystery tour. We want you for fish I -- ever played -- Not that hard don't watch it incredibly. To get Carl to what can you do. Truman street permanently. He gets on base clear card -- Black. Literally. It amended effective neighborhood great. What didn't. Billy dean is trying to reinvent its -- been working for years. It. Was -- nice -- just worked out. And how long -- you know us so right. Their minds turns its. -- weighted figures. Yeah yeah county much reunion. My car and sometimes don't -- -- TV news talk to people. You're discounting was jealous of -- for a 150 years. -- everything we know about me. This team.

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{"id":15499154,"title":"Trailer: 'Moneyball'","duration":"2:23","description":"\"Moneyball\" is a 2012 Oscar contender.","url":"/Entertainment/video/trailer-moneyball-15499154","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}