Rashida Jones on her career and family

Actress talks about being on TV and the big screen, having Quincy Jones as her father.
3:00 | 08/04/12

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Transcript for Rashida Jones on her career and family
And I confess. Transport analyst. Who matter -- -- that -- -- it's -- aren't meant to your resume -- days. We'll look good luck to you -- The trend forecast track forecasts trends the trend forecast yeah. A serious but -- Sarah -- just. He traded lender forced for an Audi because the economy still taking -- pretty much job. He just fine Torre cell -- because -- beginning -- -- -- business oriented on the act college because for teenage girls including yoga because you into this the Ivy League school and spent the last ten years working long hours traditional weekend that was touted his -- spiritual. So is directing the next. That. Maybe I would ever consider and Mike break now I'm so happy that I hold nuclear opened up to me. And so on Mike just gonna work with after -- -- not that you're unhappy with it parks and acting not at all not that in. Is so successful now finding it funny sad yes yes and that I mean it is it's my dream job. And I'm sad every time that we wrap first season and it's everybody on -- show is like perfect area said. -- and my friends which is hard to come yeah. No response. They're asked to ice and ice hand held tape you swearing in hand to god it's it's the best job I've ever had. And it's the best -- -- worked on the basket but -- work. Who's out there. Do stuff that you really like -- In. Alexander Payne everything. -- he loved that -- beginners. -- we wanted. Woody Allen is teaching me. -- there's that didn't mean all. Thank you for saying that we definitely copied them and it means I mean not called -- -- alive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's good in terms. The movie that you made. Is you could see that rate. Which is I think goes just -- wonderful -- hasn't followed the standard says it can't do that can't switch. Com he finally didn't see this race and people ones. Yet there isn't a little bit I get the sense that and and I attic fill it in with -- with big audience here. There is this -- work. People have like now just collapsed in tip boxes and movies have collapsed in the boxes and you're gonna go see if it funny film. That's what you're gonna go see -- -- anything more don't give -- anything last. And same with the drama you know I missed the movies will and I missed the movies from the -- the -- -- -- -- for you could have both. You know when you left feeling something remembering them and you also laughed along the way you know -- the Saudi market news -- -- that remain you know. It's I missed that. I -- that and I hope that. People are still. Interested in some instinctive way and having that happen in. Yes otherwise what was. Now it -- what did your parents when they saw us. They're incredibly proud of me and and might attach it to somebody else last night that he at first when he read the -- that. I don't know why you -- make a movie about fat asses up like you really believe that he's -- when he sought -- -- get. That this is part of years Terry manners -- sort of cathartic about it that. It's a weird thing where it's almost like it was a -- me to have this is getting super -- and psychological but you know. My parents are so cool and I never rebelled because they were so great so cool to support -- conditional -- their friends and if they wouldn't give -- those teams. I'll never forget it. But this is a way to kind of in some regards show them who I am. And in a way that I probably can never tell them you know on the yes it's character and yes it's exaggerated but the emotion -- -- and there's truth to -- -- -- -- -- for -- -- -- -- so that's something that I can't show them as their daughter you know now. And they they've been incredibly it's my -- and so it's part about them. We agree on just when did this because they have to be theme -- and -- and they kept yeah yeah but it's good way to put them in the movie. It's my way there and yes exactly and also it showed it -- it lets me be imperfect to that which I always hated doing and you wanna be anything but perfect for parents. I'll now be so many wonderful things simple little oh yeah there to be -- I am -- -- our act and -- number. One was. To do with base. Of a critic. Watching your. I I think I can get me. Dan. Negative and it. -- -- -- -- He did baze and he is mother. And his mom have yet it was it was like. -- I think it's really think that suspect. Well. -- own. Home well. Our do you think that I hope it ended with the and yet that -- And the other was -- It's what we. A song we ask you just seeing -- it is wrong. That reflects right now where it -- -- Sitting here. From that. Well. Thinking musically and what -- -- him. Such. An easy question -- request. Is certainly can't answer -- and. -- -- If you do any of the other it just doesn't have to go. -- -- -- so my partner and. And look. What about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When we got up and advancing on day -- I was I've been singing I've been singing this. The bridge it that he sings backup on the Christopher Cross -- run like the winds hall. Respect. Headed sections -- way to go so too long way to cool. That's kind of -- for that's movies to show. -- along when -- will be one coming into this duet with weapons as we go out what -- we -- projects. We had to do I want everything there listening -- will and the only thing to do what we sing together. Coming -- you. Ladies and. They -- it. Did great creativity here. -- day. What's wrong I don't know what to do it but we saying that -- -- -- That -- anybody reasons giants these like like Erin Campbell backing. Paying you hear me. -- to zone. You don't make me you're. Fear. Sounds. -- Okay bush. He has not had -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It really was -- definitely had so much. --

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{"id":16930888,"title":"Rashida Jones on her career and family","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress talks about being on TV and the big screen, having Quincy Jones as her father.","url":"/Entertainment/video/travers-peter-jones-rashida-celeste-jesse-quincy-father-family-popcorn-film-movie-16930888","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}