Ivanka Trump Is No Dummy

This Trump credits education and a healthy work ethic.
2:31 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Ivanka Trump Is No Dummy
Well interestingly enough. You have a very huge title executive vice. President of development and acquisitions. At Trump Organization. Our development and acquisition I haven't and that is an element of acquisitions and China and that can't happen and if the huge tied up and a lot of responsibility. And not -- with the designing and your own jobs doing and the TV career and most importantly being a mother to a five month old wooden couldn't do -- -- I don't think. Somewhere else helped -- And me evening you prioritize what's important. You learn to become incredibly efficient I know few mothers he -- aren't very streamlined and everything -- My schedule -- news. You know incredibly. And in thinks his mind meeting this in for keeping me on on track but you just have to you. Really be cognizant Belichick -- and. We've all heard about -- dad politics that he cannot run for present not our president predicted very supportive my Christian only be if it were to happen. What would you position be in politics would you want to be involved would you wanna be you're not going to be that the first started with braces -- -- think kinky hair like parts of the Clinton but. Would you want a political office would you want it -- It. I have zero political aspirations of the structure. And other way -- -- I'd be very very supportive of him because I think keeping. With that said -- in terms of my own ambitions I've got a lot of my played it got a lot to prove to myself. And and that's -- focus I also how to learn and thirty years old never say never seen an entertaining. Because there -- a lot of things to I'm doing now that I never could've. -- mansion. But but not not and a he's an extraordinary education -- Georgetown Wharton. How important is an education for young girls. Incredibly important so you know I think there is a balancing life experience can't be replicated. And class from anywhere else with that said. Education is one of those things don't take away from -- -- you know I think about that I think about you know life I'm so lucky but in the may be that good fortune doesn't exist forever in education -- is one of these things said. You know really is is you own it forever.

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{"id":15502537,"title":"Ivanka Trump Is No Dummy","duration":"2:31","description":"This Trump credits education and a healthy work ethic. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-ivanka-celeb-buzz-hollywood-15502537","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}