Christy Turlington Burns Model Life

From video vixen to undercover graduate.
2:22 | 01/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christy Turlington Burns Model Life
She has graced the covers of thousands of magazines from to time magazine she's the director. -- -- -- -- -- -- Mother and wife. She's the one. The only. -- -- That was just one of those moments for all of us that I think we just never forget seeing that video -- it came from a -- -- -- win. You intact John and my favorite Cindy Crawford -- Naomi. Yet and -- victory and -- if that's a fun thing to do you. We -- -- -- but we got there with like hot off the presses and we were on different days it separately and I and yeah I mean it's that's agree on that actually still -- And the pretty it was as if any and -- As a model you've not only been about beauty but about -- when things -- -- -- -- In the peak of your career you were actually in school at the same time you have the luxury because of the Calvin Klein campaigns you could go back to school and expand degree -- -- I was. Lucky because I had a couple of great relationships with Kevin -- with namely that they supported and worked around my school schedule but I went full time as as a student and -- -- and school. And gotten after four years and he was fantastic it was an amazing experience -- really -- that. Ed you got a gorgeous handsome husband -- to two beautiful kids. You're running a marathon in Europe all over the world. What's it like for such a busy husband to have such a busy life. -- -- can only answer for him and yet he's really busy two and that he -- to it like to be in the arguments that makes of that in the marketing messy streets here so he's been incredible as I've traveled the world he's Canada home base. Pulled up Atlanta art and he's an amazing -- and we really scare our responsibilities. In -- -- That's a great comfort for both the past that we are interchangeable and it's great to have quality time with one of the parents around for the kids and then it's also agreed to -- annaly and and our kids are seeing if you really asked about the things that we'd love to do anything that that's like the best thing deepen -- So -- our pretty pretty content -- plants.

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{"id":15349484,"title":"Christy Turlington Burns Model Life","duration":"2:22","description":"From video vixen to undercover graduate.","url":"/Entertainment/video/turlington-christy-burns-filmmaker-director-woman-cry-mother-hollywood-15349484","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}