'Twilight' Cast Takes Sides

Rob Shuter tells us who's Team Kristen and who's Team Rob.
3:00 | 08/02/12

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Transcript for 'Twilight' Cast Takes Sides
There's always something happening in the wonderful world of celebrity and here to give us the latest -- is -- post's celebrity is rob cuter -- I welcome. The year let's dive -- because. -- -- man has been taking some heat lately but now Jenny from the block. -- and jedi problem -- is the ball this story a couple of weeks ago. When different house. Seemed to be seeing him. -- in an X Rite -- stool. He in Manhattan some photographs of him. Entering and leaving -- -- on the cover of two magazines. That Jennifer is very very angry about it that I actually sent legal -- -- in since -- and that there was -- Put it delicately no source he behavior getting done in the -- -- He might have been -- the stores. We're not quite sure what beef Stew with what's that what he was doing -- back to write a book and magazines -- send the reports accuse this story in question. -- -- But he could damage and put money at much X rated -- is there was some claims that it was a -- cruising to an area. -- people -- fighting back saying all this is lies. If they don't have a retraction and -- -- okay. And might -- Wilson and her man -- -- street. Narrow obviously. Let's have fun out to OK Mary and John Mayer and their there are really together I think the -- -- ladies -- -- -- that yeah she is an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- payments to its. -- -- -- -- -- Just -- isn't -- that the militants goes on and on and -- -- he was in a couple of nights and. With KG they had dinner and then they went to -- maximum -- is terribly swanky hotel. In LA women's club luncheon and that's a lot of of them having drinks they then jumped in to pull together and shuffled off. Into the went on the memoir their more than just -- I think Melinda. The jets fans although we haven't seen them -- -- everybody is raising red flags say be careful with job and then the other incidents that. -- himself said he was gonna try and keep among profiled. He's critical reading suffered after the summer things he said about Jessica Simpson so we -- foot jump what's sort of lay off the celebrity dating scene but. That -- -- -- but the committee. Burrowed down on all right let's talk about the cast of twilight because apparently. There choosing sides between the it team -- and team Chris yeah. There really hasn't -- -- obviously treats them as being cool it's. She -- she submitted issues that sorry and that accounts through a tight bunch they started making these movies when they were really young kids. It pretty much grown up together they've seen this regiment lost them and they are taking -- -- that actually on the wrong side. Who has -- to be hiding in recent witness news. He might -- -- with Reese waters. It's. It's -- became very different from the community is very high -- says he's very about what happens he wants to get out. Out of the public so we went to -- -- How -- in two weeks. He has a new movie coming not -- violently viewed differently -- And these people -- confirmed he will be tuning -- that he will have to emerge from politics is going to be asked that question and obviously so I think it. Can hear -- -- about this in the next week any chance and it back together. Robards and -- -- the young but you can't blame that cap for taking his side he was the wrong party apps I think. People make mistakes. I hope they figured out that the -- and I'm told they had not smoking. However the do you have one night and in. And -- boosting gonna watch it again. In a couple of months of this. Well what that one way or the other right hero and rock it felt like and --

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{"id":16916782,"title":"'Twilight' Cast Takes Sides","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter tells us who's Team Kristen and who's Team Rob.","url":"/Entertainment/video/twilight-cast-takes-sides-16916782","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}