Brides Get All Dressed in Black

Traditional white is absent in Vera Wang's latest line of wedding dresses.
0:36 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Brides Get All Dressed in Black
Here comes the bride all dressed in lack. Designer Vera -- is introducing a somber new trend in wedding gowns -- check out -- latest bridal gown collection. Just in time for New -- bridal Fashion Week the gothic downs shatter their tradition of a white wedding dress and they are black. And made from organza and tulle and lots of should -- Some have slight touches of color but it's -- lack that stands out as you can see it's long been considered taboo for wedding guests to Wear black -- to see. That same goes for the --

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{"id":14772033,"title":"Brides Get All Dressed in Black","duration":"0:36","description":"Traditional white is absent in Vera Wang's latest line of wedding dresses.","url":"/Entertainment/video/vera-wang-unveils-black-bridal-dresses-14772033","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}