'After The View': Dec. 12, 2016

Men are twice as likely to love their bodies as women, new service lets you share a hotel room with a stranger and split the bill, scientists say generous mothers are nagged less, and more hot topics!
12:20 | 01/12/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': Dec. 12, 2016
Welcome back literally couldn't stay you can Stanley from us as we continuously talk and you may be appropriate. Website address as well in this abc.com. You can find the view that way or even he's got comes less than you get that's valuable of people who are watching us now they know that already I did. I just picking up if you are right. Hi watts right. He's clearly not rang nine Lenox yet friendly have written those you right. So now Steve and I constantly saying that switch on you correct it differently to how best evidence yet don't don't. Christopher noted that sell for in the minds and say you're for my and he goes to work immediately and the manager comes up to you can't wait to work as a professional any goes. You right. Credit card we'll just say am getting into trouble so yes and then that's I would start anticipates the bridge every night he was a number out yeah I see what we're talking today that I. What we're talking about Donald Trump today remember and the and the guy goes your boring he should've got you right. Act. So I was not crews recently. Over the holidays of one of the bus gigantic about Saddam Hussein. And walked around half naked with the pan. The naked a lot of them need to demand Zairian armed signed them and see here. Our eyes I think most of route they could use her brow pub run can't you know the love handles can be on the floor I'm naked and not collectors. They do not care the way women care about. Their bodies I mean do you remember I showed on the your radio show you what I've looked like you look beautiful out yeah that's where I look at that you've got. You've got just. And I'm where Diana Ross one piece brought and pajama bottoms like. So but certainly there's a recent survey that debt pretty much confirms what we think that men like their bodies when the women its its but he thinks. How were battered unfortunately I wish we wouldn't and I don't like it I I'm also in. Compete in the entertainment world and the acting world I don't a lot of men that really care about their -- and outdated model or an active but the average person but not conscious a lot of men that don't -- the bodies that they would love to have I just don't think that they share I think there's a lot of men that are as insecure as women about their bodies but why did you. I. It's shameful to talk about it that they're they're not being masculine an apt if they talk about an hour. Or something that there's a stigma attached to that I think they have to care about the buys because they're the ones in the gym all the time. If they wherein they didn't and they wouldn't care I just from a different generation I think it's different I think women are just. An antique and neatly a little bit and that not to I I totally see where your coming from but I think women. Just by our gender and in terms of the way to where wired me we internalize things were much more insecure about her body is it doesn't mean it where insecure individuals but I just they just think we talk about it a lot more than men I yet now analysts a lot of the same question until I mean you never walked out of the bedroom. Backwards. So I can look at my brain but I was so I can't see your behind. And have sex and keep their shirts on other Sox honor whenever they keep bond because they feel that kind of like they feel less attractive Sox like having sex. Our house tonight it's cold. Thank you at your husband and I didn't ask your husband of not just like we really don't want you to be honest with us talents that we look really good in his jeans yeah so I didn't read got what they. Can't be given a beyoncé be honest men hopes he'll be on sent out feel horrible. You know you know these new Viagra commercials where the woman like hey hey day. And then and then she tells it now a lot of men candidates you know that commercial ever she's wearing a Jersey as twisters basically turning got contacts and then telling them any medication can keep this. Got what they cost us. What are the things you said that the side effect is a loss of hearing or vision C I consider that applause. That is not. A net. Maybe it's my age audience to something else. Let me ask you guys they did a new business is saying that you can save money if you are willing to share a hotel room with somebody somebody you don't now. Widget to know that you play it at her wedding you don't need it but let's sit back in the day when you will pool to numbers outlets before you don't reproduce in a separate category. I'm sure everybody up here we'll take a deal. I'm sure that we're not gonna dish out 500 dollars for hotel and we cannot set up. All right. I got it I just bump my my my cat Orlando on Expedia and I'm not in any all I mean Sharon metallic objects ancient art especially begins glamour and high. You guys just. Or. My dad taught me don't walked in 2000. It's. It's Sierra hotel room with a strange air a special live and not have no background check. The company's it was no different than Ambien I am certainly not gonna share a hotel room and somebody who had a back to society the whole thing is steep to me it's really entice some strange person of that thing man out spent enough yet to worry about bed bugs these I would want as a guy and whatever else is and that they actually asked Brian he would ever hear what you don't want to someone left let's ask Brian raise your hand if you would do it Brian we're right there are problems they know OK Brian says I am now still getting -- to -- hotel with a yeah I thought he wants and what it's if you would share a room with a stranger because to save 500 dollars. Area cracks we can you know she's when he tipped. Nothing yet candidate a candidate he'll meet a guy why is hopefully not a fun island an egg hunt. Let me let DI I did it could be Ted Bundy I can't just to look at got going right to the opposite sex chick wrote what if I thought it was another girl that I was able to be like yes then I would have a problem when they attract a attraction of it was like a gay boy and a trip. I acted as they say that humans have a great sense I just look at your face and tell you here if you're a liar ideally bottom intuition guests I just feel like if we were able to choose that would. To. I'm your Rome that all of you know. Odd look I mean you've heard that you would you have. Look. And not out okay okay listen to this if you happen to they have given birth to a houseful of rodents this study is the yield because. A new study of mice says it's sports spoiling your offspring spoiling them will makes them. Better children better better lit it it works on human children possibly. We're going on mice it should work on human this denizens they say it's a study from the University of Manchester they studied mice and found that mice. That begged for nurture read IE nurse C next building negativity. Affected themselves an apparent but that's. See it's that we allegedly went much months really did like. By in Emma car and and spoiling and that would material may spoil somebody with too much loved because if you do and they need not if you do it and then you finally do something that. Date that you're not product and you show. Anger or or negative emotions they're not they're not and understand how to handle it. Now you are insanely tablet caught somebody too much you know like cutting out talking we're in this nurturing that when nursing and nest building and I. I don't I don't think you could ever over nurture your children I didn't I'm I don't. Designer. I think it's Pena difference between nurturing and spoiling yes he had they had huge difference because I don't want to spoil my kids I don't I don't intentionally want to. It raised entitled children that think they deserve everything that given the man and did everything I read today. I heard all about but I want to know that there. I want them to know that there are loved by outlining her child's grandmother does that I do that from my grandson Luka. And I sent to him recently he's at can I have ten dollars or senate by emphasis now he's now. So they don't I think yeah. Did that and I'm sure I do as I don't think I can stop it and thank them I'm not I'm giving that was three S well myself. I don't know what that's like how can't. My sister gives me great because. You know Mike too he just turned two and he drinks out of a to become for everything else but he still likes his milk justice milk out of the bottle is this why did instead coming up the cast and unlike I don't you know what it's I'm not gonna bite you in my sister thinks he's awful I'm making heat it up or and a spoon but he loved his AT and blind alleys I'm bleeding out pretty bright candidate began a bottle I never thought I. May be on that cruise I was not and that. They have at this LE Golding you know that you're. Isaiah Michael and Alex looks like gold in some things anyways she says it EG. All right would have happened. She's sexy cat she feels weird because she and her boyfriend is starting to look alike and dress alike in bed and does that accents you I mean do you look at them. How big kids the people that happened offered to love salmon like they're I. Yeah. I think a lot of couples morphed into one another mennonite. Really morph into each other we've always looked at we always look like brother and sister you are welcome. You know you are all at her blue I don't you still would have dragged opposites attract. Is that something topic I jet crash that op sits in the way you deal in situations or Ellis on like no that's why you know you have the black guys like in white women and vice Versa and Jewish question at center. I think she did in light and now I do like mom up when I got to do about. I think they're all else. And I sat out yeah girl Redgrave an Alley and marries a Russian guy that's opposite machine. Like they incur in some personality ways opposites do attract. So it's the yin and the Yang and balance each other you know you complete me. I'm like yeah I hack it hasn't attacked but then they can destroy him. And I would say I like our personality. I undercover upbringing very similar but our personalities. And Mary Mary I don't how that went out with a guy with a totally opposite he was new I like to talk for example. Just you know we're neck and all of that could well look. Even have you worked until I've or not physically or whatever connected never get as skinny as the people that I had been moved but acts I've definitely shared. Took people style choices 'cause I think that I was attracted to them and then if we don't make it in our relationship I still have some kind of connection and you stole clothing. Did you like ten acts like. Great comedian Jack. Channels of Iranian jet that went like dance like to do wanna masks they installed some America. Oh wow. That are bragged when it was it like grading whenever you know that's not granting. Brad noted that looked like the same person they aren't well Lindsey that allowed air out. And valiants take great day on the label EMC a hug and his owner then I'd be like let's go more. I but I cannot dent. A couple living up and I don't know the of the day when he ordained in the mud and allowed a comrade. Bleached his hair blinded and he let you might look like Angelina so my husband and I don't think your styles and assume I literally big we look. Mary similar let's Obama and about at all. That's not that's not us but I am an overbooked probably about that big guys and brown hair. And he's all about that people ask is have we are brother and sister in fact it bit John Knight my husband and I went out with his sister and people thought that his sister was his wife and I was in sister or shall we spinning so much time together that people can't differentiate the faces it could be more scientifically just read in my family eyewitness banks and my family. And say after the.

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{"id":36243711,"title":"'After The View': Dec. 12, 2016 ","duration":"12:20","description":"Men are twice as likely to love their bodies as women, new service lets you share a hotel room with a stranger and split the bill, scientists say generous mothers are nagged less, and more hot topics!","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-dec-12-2016-36243711","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}