'The View' on Duggar's Pregnancy

The ladies discuss the 45-year-old reality TV mom's growing family.
3:04 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' on Duggar's Pregnancy
Bob and myself. You remember the divers they had 1819 kids -- aimed -- -- announced that she is pregnant with baby number 21. -- And last pregnancy. Life threatening health risks forced her to deliver at just 25 weeks. The baby was just one pounds six ounces now. Is there like time that men said -- stop my. Let me say -- come -- look like a -- I mean come on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you -- they actually won their home with their kids they actually it's a -- home she gives the kids responsibility early look at -- every -- the -- set the daughters could raise kids I -- -- -- -- question that I asked now is the you know they have -- have -- very -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah just one eyewitness. Because -- was born you know she didn't even when -- would have averaged Jeffrey was born at twenty for a parent to announces and I -- the problems -- the difficulties. I've had but I just wonder if I'm having another baby after -- stop you for having AT more. Don't -- my uterus will be much athletic -- That -- think and I -- that was when you have so many children. Are you able to give each won the individual attention that they need to be the best that they could be. I -- -- laying -- and possible to get even three all of your attention I have kids don't cover you with their problems you noticed. They seem to have worked does that -- this is a family that doesn't seem to be living off anybody saying help us we have what these kids. They are avail ourselves of -- residents -- do one thing I'm saying as long as the -- Norton walls. Manny if she wanted and still -- twenty -- that's impressive and. -- just like doctor said to her you know she had been the medical problems and with the baby. God forbid something was happens -- news -- -- because of our grandchildren and a health problems. You got it he's running his own business -- that when it went to remember -- these are very Christian people. And if she were to get pregnant that you can't apparently based. They enjoyed the ones not yeah because they did it -- -- 1920 times and in -- that I was -- -- -- I'm really excited for them. But grant you know is it -- got pregnant what -- -- will be -- is not a person. To. Not have the -- -- doesn't allow -- yeah sell. Essentially she's not half pledges of Angela a lot of the settlement at birth control is -- -- if they -- -- -- can easily I would now. But it may take him now is concerned about the woman's -- -- they had -- An agenda I was reading that the child who is what does -- on one half pounds several of the child is fine -- -- -- -- is already doing to me.

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{"id":14905682,"title":"'The View' on Duggar's Pregnancy","duration":"3:04","description":"The ladies discuss the 45-year-old reality TV mom's growing family.","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-michelle-duggars-pregnancy-14905682","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}