Ones to Watch: Lauren and Scotty

Part 3 of "In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts."
6:44 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Ones to Watch: Lauren and Scotty
He wore flip -- to his audition for American Idol when she made it through the first round of her idol audition. She would have bought a pair cowboy boots to celebrate. Well they hung on and made it all the way to the top. Scotty mccreery and Lauren -- And tonight we're calling them are ones to watch you know the breakout stars of the last year. Weep that we're going to be seeing and hearing from a whole lot more. Welcome to garner high school in North Carolina. Where Friday night football -- And that may look like just another student cheering in the stands. Sitting in study hall and singing in the choir. But the winner of American Idol -- didn't Chad. She got even. Less than a year ago then seventeen year old Scotty mccreery. Live from bagging groceries -- winning the most coveted prize in music competition is for us. If there's a huge change -- to know what -- his -- in the grocery line. -- and tangle. It's down low in the babyface teenager with a surprisingly grown up voice while judges from the beginning. And so did. This team. And in -- Good. Has -- in and bomb us now. Today. Lived in this. -- -- -- was growing pizza is back in Georgia when she first hit idol stage. -- his feet says that Aaron. Platt macaroni and -- eight. This sounds really grabs action next. Here developers to be a viable -- it and here they are in New York City stopping off the by the first CDs of their due to -- Studies album clear as day opened recently at number one on the billboard top 200 making him the youngest male artist in any John. The debut that -- There are no one country music and and those -- -- -- to be able to represent country on this show. -- -- And Lawrence -- wild flower is the best selling debut by a female country artist since 2006. Featuring songs that parents and even preteens can enjoy with a clear conscience. And -- -- a lot of not things are young girls and it's kind of my job -- to -- an example for those girls. I mean an adult will respect to mean more -- -- pick a song because a little girl can hear it in you know remain. She turns seventeen today. But it isn't that long ago that little Lauren first saying we're. -- doesn't create in -- movie -- sudden infant. Tragedy saying. You know the first time you're on -- stage and -- to an audience for children's choir things O holy night. Okay. -- stiffen those hormone like this like this. Well he's not scared anymore. -- -- walk in the country. Just might have been written about his hometown. Because his -- Odyssey took more than a year out of -- life. Scotty was anxious to reconnect with friends and family. A little hometown love the people in the ground and I would trade that for the world. And Solano have obligations and duties after it was this enough I'm going anywhere and everywhere -- -- -- for any candidate to go back home -- -- that raised millions. -- -- -- -- -- -- And there was never any question about -- returning to garner high. His senior year yeah. That's what it's about learning pupils who the formula elevenths itself. And learn about life experiences. Again. It's. Just that don't play well like -- heads they're somebody -- is that scouting when you left. You get here and in that. You have things Hollywood hasn't -- to you. That amount is probably the hardest thing that I will ever got came home laugh -- it literally. Where is the most difficult. Journey -- chapel Shas if -- -- mom had to quit her job in decorating week that her life. On held to -- California and they. Lawrence mother Christie is ever present. At her daughter's side. Their bond history. Lawrence first video is a loving think your whole life my mother. Lauren happily traded in the everyday routine of high school for photo shoots an interview. And while Scotty and Lauren side by side rice's success has fueled romance rumors. The teens are not romantically linked. They do share -- mutual gratitude for where they've come so quickly and where they're going. What can you want when they ask for the very beginning the very beginning but that's not what makes him different what I think it is absolutely -- different from home. I don't have -- -- You Obama mug -- on the Internet. Everything that -- things. Has started happening because of him because it was definitely. Such talk to them and thank them school. Just close your eyes and listen to the two teens singing Lady Antebellum American honey and just might -- the future.

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{"id":14911313,"title":"Ones to Watch: Lauren and Scotty","duration":"6:44","description":"Part 3 of \"In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/watch-lauren-scotty-14911313","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}