New York Fashion Week

Whitney Port previews her label, "Whitney Eve," before her show at NYFW.
3:12 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for New York Fashion Week
Today marks the kick up to Fashion Week here in New York City reality TV star turned fashion designer Whitney port. We'll be right in the middle of it unveiling her latest styles for spring but she's here with us -- Great to see you would think things are being here thank you for having very exciting this is the first time your label Whitney evil -- having a solo show -- that right yes yes and showing that next Wednesday but. As a kick off tonight and actually partnering up with -- three BYE. Who's brings -- back to the runaway and their -- this fashion show. That actually you can watch live on FaceBook dot com slash crest white strips salad that we have very white teeth they must be -- -- it might have a -- -- -- I think there are a little bit about -- because perhaps it's fun to watch but yes I'm Timothy Geithner. It's very nerve -- yes I mean there's so much preparation that goes into a fifteen minute -- but. It's all about the pictures and it's getting hair work out there you know what you pray hard scientists. And if you do if you are lucky enough. One of us -- to score a ticket to the show level what do you recommend you know showing up. Wearing but it's it's really fun to people watch in agony because -- -- comes in their -- and I would say yet some kind of like doing it -- -- To -- says if you're kind of going out for and -- right and I keep cocktail to ask perhaps some sort -- layering piece like that nice pretty blouse with some Q has there is committees and they from the when he -- -- look at a few years he says I'm from the collection we have a couple. To look at and you can tell us. What. Why don't -- not -- look at this isn't spring so I did this home metallic glint in collection so it's his oversized -- is there. That has a little bit of a masculine -- -- underneath is a custom printed. Winds its kind of secular and print. There diet is that sleeveless underneath it's actually short -- has acute -- all sorts pig anywhere on its own yet bearing -- -- and -- look at another -- Yeah sell it easy comparison it's also an metallic glint in his isn't really Hewlett. Trench coat for spreading that -- not to have the -- very feminine and nicely in the wind rates that really like that -- hasn't really nice line two -- caller whether it's yes. They have a couple cute he had to sell it. I do custom prints and -- was obviously very inspired by floor all water color and -- I had a great little metallic house -- and to kind of clarity file print top. And then this kind of color block -- the you're seeing a lot of for spring -- -- -- solid color -- that the prank that you really feminized because you see a lot of color block but it's. You know it's not as pretty and Rafael Little a little marks start yes I wanted to make it -- up together and that's lovely very feminine and and pretty thinking what what were you going for with this collection. Well you know what I designer really think about wet what I want in my wardrobe when my friends my sisters are missing an -- -- -- I want to speak to you will kind of my lifestyle has this Los Angeles to easy going -- but I also like. It creating a -- you acts that would definitely on the streets of New York every parent well I think that's thank you so much Whitney port -- -- thank you salmon.

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{"id":15552243,"title":"New York Fashion Week","duration":"3:12","description":"Whitney Port previews her label, \"Whitney Eve,\" before her show at NYFW.","url":"/Entertainment/video/whitney-port-eve-fashion-nyfw-celebrity-hollywood-15552243","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}