New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up

Stylist Phillip Bloch breaks down the hottest trends from the NYC Fashion Week.
2:23 | 02/20/12

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Transcript for New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up
Another New York Fashion Week has come to a close and what a week it was. Lots of beautiful clothes new trends and lots of cool shows like the one from Montclair Grenoble the label is known for its puppy winter jackets. And the model certainly needed and during the presentation at the ice skating rink in Central Park. Take a -- It's what it's just celebrity stylist -- Phillip Bloch was front and center at that show and many others. And he joins us now to give us all the scoop on what's hot welcome thanks so much for being -- well it was anything but hot it was very cold it was probably about twenty something degrees and Sunday night -- before the grammys. He was so amazing the lights and it was really spectacular in all the trees for different colors red many -- as that was it was standing -- was stunning and -- -- -- hot chocolate and -- to warm us up -- -- -- it didn't -- -- speaking of those bright bold colors let's start with some of your favorite designers like Catherine gallantry now she handsome gorgeous colors -- -- -- -- it was just so -- not one of my favorite things was the blue kind of like Mike hi this extraordinary vivid blue. But -- insects were everywhere and perhaps work his receipt from the -- My camera right. -- patchwork -- that. The blue and -- diamonds really vibrant -- and a lot of this illusions. The illusions please and the big detail at the neck. Let's move over to times aren't right now and she has some. Beautiful ways mixing and Matt -- some of the more delicate and then the more. Public deeper like the tweets. I think it's really interesting because she tipped his men's suiting her fabrics and made them very feminine the highways did you see in the middle with the belt very delta -- -- If you -- and address. The illusion again with the -- kind of on the site and sparkle. -- -- -- -- -- -- And Latin at least that dress is actually addressed not a top and skirt and again very high waisted -- with a -- taking. What looks like separate and making them address now is that a big trend that you're seeing a lot of this -- the southern -- -- talked about has -- of that same luck yet. Absolutely right let's go on to the next -- and this is really unified air ambulance there and there's something really unique about this because a lot of lot the belts and then in the middle. It looks like that same design but on her neck. Absolutely it's operated these harnesses that we're detachable. And that was their way of putting and if he -- the boots the latter course -- -- kind of in the Booth. You don't Aaron imagery. Sexy and feel sexy. So how do you make it be a trend they added the leather corset if you noticed there's little sparkling added into the new -- which is very. The collar for the season -- are being the -- these and the rest colors very in the rusty reds -- in almost it's gorgeous. And we are also in the midst of award season and it -- case of somebody always think for red carpet glam in. Definitely didn't this. Absolutely they admit they dress Sandra Bullock when she won her Oscar Hallie Steinfeld last year was beautiful market -- very Warner markets. This season the news the yellow we -- all of the shears and that ran in the man is so vibrant. Georgina and that designers -- designers married to Harvey Weinstein by the way who has a few nomination -- -- here with the artist. And that all dressed on the end -- -- look to see them Viola Davis looked gorgeous and rat it's everywhere -- in the gulf lovely -- -- -- read. -- eyewitness it's more -- than -- Michael cores. This is another gorgeous with the few shots he -- what you think of that stuff well this -- claiming the agency it's all about the Platt mixing textures of the Platt. Dad how I emphasis on I love Michael that he did these kind of bathing -- that are really bathing -- maternal -- I don't know where you really -- that it's an -- Reece. The big white chunky sweater. Gorgeous and mix it with a -- little skirt for evening with something -- already -- -- your closet. Maybe not the Michael -- right he makes it with a Mike of course sparkly skirt gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous out like the average -- who get in an airport -- and then the leather dress they didn't let the ship just with the little -- -- -- -- chic leather dress you gotta have for fall a -- when it comes to more affordable where Rachel -- Is one of those -- that -- -- and reach out a little more to so would absolutely. Macy's is an extraordinary job rates are helping bill that ran here's that vibrant blue that chunky -- -- the -- That mixture of the textures in the sweaters and that's not a skirt the black one. I doubt -- -- not -- -- can't look at the patchwork on this planet with a black and Green big emphasis on the shoulder and address again also these kind of natural jewel -- -- -- them and the dress with all these little insects in it. There's leather strips -- there -- out there as well all there's all kinds of mixtures of texts are at it weight feed to explain and kind of dissect Marc Jacobs formula that because it looks a little different. Break it down for me some a lot of different layers here Marc Jacobs is where the idea comes chairman and everybody else three interprets its speaking really takes its -- the fantasy level of these big mad -- -- You know it's all about again using the leather -- that's mixing with the pattern nemesis turn -- -- and really what he's doing at the white -- -- the -- -- -- kind of picked up -- -- today you know. And really kind of you're putting a shirt -- your lane address are written in your lane -- pants underneath it. It's really -- -- -- eighties Madonna flashback if you think of religion to discourage them lagging behind -- I'm doing it we as a different version of it. All right speaking of -- before we go there's one trying to take away one accessory we should have this season. Let's address whether just weeds clouds mixing them together careful right now at home. Plot thanks so much for being there my --

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{"id":15752836,"title":"New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up","duration":"2:23","description":"Stylist Phillip Bloch breaks down the hottest trends from the NYC Fashion Week. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/york-fashion-week-wrap-15752836","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}