Watch Derick Dillard Fret Over Proposing to Jill Duggar

PHOTO: Jill Duggar, star of "19 Kids & Counting," with Derick Dillard. Courtesy Discovery
Jill Duggar, star of "19 Kids & Counting," with Derick Dillard.

Jill Duggar was thrilled when Derick Dillard proposed in April.

However, in a new clip from the TLC reality series "19 Kids & Counting," it's clear that he had a few nerves before popping the question.

"I went to bed last night, I was looking at the ring, just laying there, holding it thinking, 'Wow, I'm going to propose tomorrow to Jill, the most incredible girl ever,'" he said. "I'm sure she suspects something because she's really smart, so it's hard to pull anything over on her, so I think she'll be expecting something, but maybe she doesn't know how it's gonna happen or what exactly to expect."

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Dillard made sure to fix his hair exactly the way Duggar liked it before going over the proposal with his mother. His biggest concern, he said, was that Duggar would notice the ring box in his pocket. And then, of course, he faced the issue of actually asking her such a big question.

"You're the one who's gonna be asking the question as the man and the girl is the one who's gonna respond," he said. "That's, as a guy, the chance you've gotta take."