'Champagne Supernovas' Explores '90s Fashion World

As she matured, her unique style emerged, mixing high-end designer items with vintage finds, dresses with sneakers and shorts with rain boots. Callahan argues that Moss is the most influential model in history, inspiring fashion lines from paparazzi street photos and popularizing staples like skinny jeans and ballet flats.

McQueen was an artist who realized his darkest fantasies of sex and violence in the outrageous clothing and accessories on his runways, Callahan maintains. His early collections were both panned and celebrated for breaking rules and pushing boundaries, and the book's photographs illustrate the audacity of his shows.

Jacobs is a genius at identifying trends well before the mainstream. Kids in New York's East Village inspired his now-famous "Grunge" collection, which was ridiculed and got him fired, but now informs fashion standards. Often fusing street chic with luxury, he's known for his innovative whimsy, like reinventing the classic Louis Vuitton bag with graffiti-inspired colors.

Callahan emphasizes the connection between '90s fashion and other art forms, citing the movies "Trainspotting" and "Kids," and bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. "There is a through-line from the minimalism of Calvin Klein's early '90s ad campaign with Kate to the aesthetic Steve Jobs created at Apple ... and a general public more attuned to design than ever," Callahan writes.

McQueen, Jacobs and Moss were ahead of their time, Callahan argues. They took risks that caused personal and professional downfalls, but came back to create again. They'll be remembered as pioneers who defined what is beautiful, edgy and cool.


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