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Background Information On Alberto Fujimori

Perhaps the single most important accomplishment of Fujimori's presidency was the capture on September 12, 1992, of the leader of Sendero Luminoso, Abimael Guzmán Reynoso. Captured along with him were computer tapes outlining the structure of the terrorist organization and lists of other leaders. Within months, other leaders were captured, tried, and sentenced. Guzmán pled guilty to being the leader of the Sendero Luminoso and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In the twelve years between its inception and the capture of Guzmán, the war with Sendero Luminoso claimed more than 20,000 lives, disrupted basic services, and necessitated the placement of nearly 50% of the national territory under emergency law. Army frustration with its inability to win the war led to widespread human rights violations, which were not discouraged by Fujimori in the period after the April 1992 coup. An increase in Sendero Luminoso activity in spring 1995, led Fujimori to ask Congress to pass an amnesty law for those who commit human rights violations while combating terrorism.

Foreign Policy

In January 1995, Ecuador crossed a long established border with Peru, thus initiating a limited war between the two countries. In July 1995, the two countries established a demilitarized zone in the area of the disputed border, in order to resolve the issue peacefully. Peru is also likely to become active in the international weapons market, as Fujimori fulfills a promise to replace much of the outdated Soviet military equipment.

One foreign policy issue that Fujimori must address is that of Peru's role in international drug-trafficking. Peru currently supplies about 50% of all coca on the world market. Fujimori rejects plans for crop eradication, arguing that such a plan places undue hardship on subsistence farmers who eke a meager existence from coca production. Rather, he proposes a more gradual program of crop substitution, whereby coca would be replaced by legal crops and the government would make the infrastructure repairs necessary to ensure that the new crops could be brought to market. Peru is a full member in good standing of a variety of international organizations, including the Organization of American States, the United Nations, and the Andean Pact common market.

End of Presidency

After a video was released depicting Fujimori's intelligence chief bribing an opposition congressman for support, Fujimori quelled the uproar by calling an election in September, 2001, in which he did not run.

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