SPOTLIGHT: Benicio Del Toro

Del Toro: He decided to go. There's no doubt about it. No one knows what was the conversation was in those rooms with Fidel [Castro] and him. He couldn't go as a representative of Cuba because that would mean that Cuba was invading Bolivia and really bringing the heat from the States. But in the scenes from the UN there are elements of the controversy about the La CabaƱa era, in which Che says the firing squads would go on. And also, when the delegates from Mexico, Venezuela and Costa Rica did get up and speak against him. Che was pro death penalty.

RDS: Are you worried that part of the Latin community might get mad that you chose to represent this character, who some consider an enemy?

Del Toro: It's a free country. It was never meant to piss them off. It was just a historical approach to a character.


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