Amanda Knox Tells Jurors She Fears Being Branded a Murderer

At the same time, Knox is worried. "I know she's scared. She's afraid because her life is in other people's hands," her sister said.

Knox's father Curt also mentioned Knox's fears to Vargas.

"I'm sure she's going to be errified. She's going to be scared it's going to go wrong," he said. "She's innocent, sitting in jail accused of a crime she did not commit. So she is definitely scared."

Earlier, Sollecito made his final statement, telling the court that he had no motive to help kill Knox's roommate, but a prosecutor countered that a motive isn't necessary for conviction and said there is a lot of unexplained violence these days.

Sollecito, 25, was Knox's boyfriend at the time of the murder. He is accused of helping to kill Meredith Kercher in a booze and drug-fueled fury that was allegedly sparked by Kercher's criticism of Knox's cleanliness and her habit of bringing boys home. Prosecutors described Sollecito as a follower of the then-20-year-old Knox, calling him "Amanda-dependent."

Sollecito softly told the court today that he was living through an "absurd affair about which I know nothing."

"I would like to understand today, because it is not at all clear, why I should have participated in a murder," he said. "Not having found a motive to explain what made me kill, they said I was a sort of dog on a leash – Amanda-dependent.

"I had only known her [Knox] for a few days. I certainly cared for her, but they were the very first days (of our relationship) and there was no dependent relationship there. If Amanda had asked me to do something I did not agree with, I would have said no. Imagine if she asked me to do something as terrible as killing a girl," he said.

Sollecito ended his defense by saying, "I did not kill Meredith. I was not in that house that night. I hope the real murderer comes forward and confesses. I still have faith in justice. For me it represents everything. Thank you for listening to me."

It was the latest assault by the defense on what they said was an unconvincing motive, that Knox got Sollecito and uede, to help kill her "prissy" roommate who had criticized her. One prosecutor described Knox as so full vengeance that she was a "coiled spring."

Prosecutor Says Motive Not Needed for Conviction

Guede has already been convicted of taking part in the murder and has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. He is appealing his conviction.

Prosecutor Manuela Comodi concluded the prosecution's case today by saying " a motive is not necessary to prove a murder."

"The motive exists, and if you do not want to listen to it, then ok.... It is logically conceivable. But even if the court decides that the motive does not stand up, it does not mean legally that the defendants cannot be found guilty," Comodi said.

"Why did they do it? I ask myself the same thing," said Comodi. "Why do normal kids set fire to a homeless man? Why does a girl get her boyfriend to help kill her parents? Why does a mother kill her child?" she said referring to well publicized cases in Italy in recent years.

"We live in era of 'violence without a plan' for which we have no explanation," Comodi said.

Comodi zeroed in on the one piece of evidence that allegedly places Sollecito at the crime scene, a clasp torn off of Kercher's bra that has Sollecito's DNA on it. Sollecito allegedly cut it off during a sexual attack on Kercher before Knox allegedly slashed her throat with a knife.

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