Amber Alerts for Pets Help Owners Locate Missing Pals

PETA Commends Sites, Warns Owners to Keep Calling Shelters

While the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wasn't familiar with the new pet version of the Amber Alert until's inquiry, a spokeswoman for the organization was undoubtedly impressed that pet owners were doing so much to help others locate their furry friends.

"Any effort to try to reunite lost animals with their people is to be commended," said Daphna Nachminovitch, of PETA. "These Web sites are a wonderful way to try to add an extra option and extra way to find your lost animal."

"But it's also important that people don't think they are safeguards, because the bottom line is that it's dangerous for your animal if they're lost," warned Nachminovitch, who said fliers should still be posted -- preferably with the offer of a reward in clear view -- and shelters should always be notified of missing pets.

In addition to Baker, several other happy customers told that before turning to or Amber Alert for Pets, they had believed their handmade missing fliers and neighborhood searches were outdated in today's digital world.

Houston pet owner Amy Burton told that she spent days earlier this month posting and faxing fliers around her community and compulsively checking local animal shelter's Web sites to no avail after her dog, Gai Pan, was accidentally let out of a gate on her property.

"I was doing everything that I could but not getting any response. I was really frantic," said Burton, who just one day after signing up for got a call from a neighbor who had found the scared and thirsty pooch hiding in a bush in her yard. "[] sounded like such a novel idea, especially in Houston where many people never go walking and won't see missing posters."

"It was 100 percent thanks to the phone call that I found Mooch," said Backer, who described her Lab as a core member of her family. "And he's been well-behaved since he came back."

"I think he's happy to be home," Backer said.

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