Join Anita Renfroe's A-Team

Anita's A Team
Uber-fans wanted! Do you have what it takes for the A-Team?

Anita Renfroe's A-Team is the "street team" that helps get the word out when Anita will be coming to your area. If you're chosen to be an A-Team member for your city, we would love to have your help.

Do You Qualify?

If you exhibit any of the following tendencies, you may be perfect for Anita's A-Team:

1. You own three or more DVDs, books or CDs of Anita's.

2. You make special plans and bring groups of friends to see her concerts and often drive long distances to see her.

3. You regularly quote her comedy or writings in random conversations.

4. You have the Mom Song as your ringtone on your cell phone.

5. When something strange happens to you, you often think, "I bet Anita could make some great comedy out of this ..."

What We Need You to Do: Spread the Word!

We know you love to be the person with the scoop! So we're going to give you lots and lots of scoops! If you are a member of a women's group of some sort, you can make sure that your group plans to be there the night Anita is coming your way. We also need e-blasts blasted, posters posted, announcements made, messages on message boards, you know, all the stuff you do when there's a great sale at your favorite store! Wherever and whenever women's groups gather, we need someone to let them know that a night of laughter is coming their way.

What We Do for You:

In return for your assistance, we will provide early seating (prior to doors opening to the public) for our A-Teamers and their group. You will also have a private meet-n-greet with Anita the night of the event, plus an exclusive A-Team medallion (just like Mr. T, baby!) and other A-Team goodies.

Are you interested? Do you have what it takes?
Then let us know you're ready, willing and able to join the A-Team!

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Thank you!