Book Excerpt: Joan Collins on Staying Young


• Still mineral water. The British Dietetic Association guidelines state that the average adult should consume 2.5 liters (41/2 pints) a day. Of this, 1.8 liters (3 pints) must be obtained directly from water (the equivalent of six to seven glasses per day). To avoid dehydration, intake should be increased in hot weather and during as well as after physical activity.

The Fountain of Youth

Juan Ponce de Leon (1474–1521) was a Spanish explorer and conquistador who was obsessed with tales of the Fountain of Youth, a mythical fountain was reputed to flow with water that cured illness and granted the drinker eternal youth. As he searched for it, he became the first European to explore Puerto Rico, Florida, the Florida Keys, and parts of Mexico. But Ponce de Leon never found the Fountain of Youth because it's within us all. You've just got to work to find it, so here are my rules for the real Fountain of Youth:

• A positive attitude

• Staying healthy, which means eating healthily with optimum nutrition

• Regular exercise (at least three times per week for forty minutes)

• Relaxation through avoidance of stress wherever possible

• Love, whether with a partner, child, pet, or friends.

And here is my list of No-No's or destructive elements:

• White bread

• White sugar

• Doughnuts and cookies, which are drenched in fat and sugar

• Hamburgers

• Processed meats

• Processed cheese

• Smoked meats (except smoked salmon in small quantities)

• Rancid fat and stale food of any kind

• Barbecued meat

• Burnt toast

• Pizza

• Salt and pepper

• Saturated fat and fried foods

• Food that's heavily spiced

• Store-bought cakes

• Butter (unless in moderation)

• Alcohol

• Tap water

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