Great Last-Minute Gifts for Mom

A pleasant side effect some women enjoy during their pregnancies is a full head of lustrous, thick hair. This is because the pregnancy hormones increase hair growth and slow the rate of normal hair loss during the nine months. But about three months after giving birth, new moms may temporarily suffer from thinning hair, a condition known as postpartum hair loss. Although the hair grows back within a year for most women, this can be a traumatic experience as their shower drains fill with clumps of hair.

Redbook's Kramer Kaye proposes treating the mom to a nice, flattering haircut because "she will probably need a new hairstyle than the one she was wearing to help manage the hair loss." She also says a set of luxurious volumizing hair products like the Full Volume line from Frédéric Fekkai will help "build a foundation for her hair that's going to make it a bit thicker when she's styling."

As friends and relatives of new parents often discover, it's painful to sit through two-hour videos of other people's children doing the most mundane activities while the mom beams with pride. So save her loved ones the agony of watching another epic home movie and gift her the Flip Video Ultra, a small plug-and-play handheld video camera that makes it easy to shoot and post short videos on the Web.'s Wood says the $150 device, which holds 30 to 60 minutes of video, is a much more affordable option than a regular camcorder, and the built-in flip-out USB connector makes uploading and sharing simple.

With the proliferation of digital cameras, photos often end up sitting inside computers and don't see the light of day. With a digital photo frame, moms can display slideshows of their favorite shots at the office or at home. Users can load photos onto the Coby DP-887 digital frame using a memory card or a USB thumb drive, so a computer isn't required to transfer images. For a high-end alternative, Sony's DPF-V900 model offers HDTV connectivity and Bluetooth functionality, allowing the frames to import images wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled device. In Style magazine's McGrath recommends preloading the frames with family photos to add a personal touch.

If your mom wants to save electricity and hang baby photos on the fridge instead, Wood says dedicated photo printers such as the HP Photosmart A826 make printing snapshots at home fast and easy. As a nice complement, Kim Ficaro, style editor at Domino magazine, suggests giving your mom a personal photo you know she'll love inside a beautiful frame such as the Perry Street frame from Kate Spade.

On-the-Go Working Moms

Working moms who are always on the go can stay connected with portable laptops such as the Eee PC from ASUS that are small and light enough to fit into larger handbags. Wood says the $400 2-pound notebook computers are "cute, portable and perfectly powerful enough for e-mail or Web pages."

If your mom is a road warrior, a portable GPS navigator she can set up in any car will save her time and the stress of getting lost in an unknown city. Many devices also provide directions to nearby ATMs, gas stations and restaurants, and some come equipped with Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, such as the Garmin Nuvi 660.

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