Great Last-Minute Gifts for Mom

Frequent-flier moms can deplane looking rejuvenated with travel-friendly beauty products that the TSA will approve of. Beauty product line Ted Gibson makes on-the-go hair conditioning towelettes that come in individual packages so she won't have to emerge from the airport looking like the other harried passengers. And instead of the traditional eye shades, your mom can apply disposable eye treatment pads during the flight to achieve that refreshed look. EyeSlices makes reusable aloe pads that come in small plastic containers the size of a box of mints. Shoppers can also browse Airplane Approved Beauty products at to find mini versions of popular items.

For moms who are juggling a screaming boss at work and a crying baby at home, a regular spa trip will provide a welcome break from the stress. Redbook's Kramer Kaye says a number of spa franchises with inexpensive introductory rates and reasonable memberships are popping up throughout the country. Moms who travel a lot also can enjoy the benefits at various locations. A gift card or a membership for regular visits will be a "gift that keeps on giving" beyond Mother's Day.

For facials and skin treatments, Kramer Kaye recommends Facelogic Spas, which offer $49 facials with locations in more than 20 states. For massages, check out Massage Envy, where one-hour massage sessions can start at $39, with 758 locations throughout the nation.

If your mom suffers from a case of BlackBerry thumb, take her to a Hyatt Pure spa and treat her to a Blackberry Balm Hand Massage, which aims to relieve tension in the hand and wrist areas. But if $80 for 30 minutes of hand pampering is too steep for your budget, consider giving her an assorted gift basket that includes Mistral's Wild Blackberry Shea Butter balm that she can apply every day, which you can find at

On the topic of BlackBerry devices, moms will appreciate stylish covers and cases to protect their PDAs and electronic gadgets. O magazine's Glassman likes Rebecca Omweg's chic python cases to store everything from Treos to iPods. Prices start at $140, and the cases can be found at

Over-50 Sophisticated Moms

For moms worried about increasing wrinkles and aging signs, consider giving her those grandchildren she's always wanted or that perfect report card to brighten up her face. If that's not possible by May 11, a set of rich lotions and night creams designed to target mature and fragile skin will improve fine lines and problem areas.

MyBlend by Dr. Olivier Courtin, a new skin care line from Clarins, allows the user to customize and create her own formula based on her skin's needs. Your mom can choose from a range of essential blends that's right for her (such as the Potent Age Antidote Crème for age-affected skin) and release a dose of "emergency booster" (flavors range from Redness Rescue to Radiant Burst) into the creme for the days when she needs that extra help.

If your mom's tried the over-the-counter products but isn't quite ready to go under the knife, a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure from her dermatologist may be just what the doctor ordered. A Botox session or a round of Restalyne shots may prompt your mom to smile again when she looks in the mirror, although you wouldn't know it from her facial expressions.

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