Great Last-Minute Gifts for Mom

But before you book that dermatologist appointment or rush to the makeup counter at Saks, Kramer Kaye offers one important caveat when purchasing beauty treats for mature moms: Make sure she has expressed interest in these items and procedures beforehand, since "an anti-aging treatment is the last thing anybody wants to get unexpectedly." And with any cosmetic procedures, check with her doctor first and book a consultation to make sure your mom is the right candidate.

For aging moms who can't partake in rigorous exercise but still enjoy power walks or a leisurely stroll around the block, Self magazine's fitness director Meaghan Buchan recommends the iPod Shuffle. Starting at $49, the Shuffle is also a useful gift for the technophobic mom who likes to keep her gadgets simple and easy to navigate. To add a personal touch, Buchan also suggests preloading the iPod with some of your mom's favorite walking songs to get her motivated. A "walking playlist" can be found on as a starting point.

After a day of exercise, your mom may want to relax and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea. Glassman says the clever Automatic Teapot from TeaSpot eliminates sitting by the pot and watching the clock or making a mess of the leaves. Your mom can simply set the timer for a particular type of tea (green, black or herbal), the desired steeping time and walk away. The teapot automatically removes tea leaves from the water so she doesn't have to worry. It's available at

A delectable treat, such as freshly made macaroons from Paulette's Macarons in Beverly Hills, Calif., will add a sweet touch to your mom's afternoon tea. The colorful confections are sandwiched between ganache and come in a variety of unique flavors in bright, modern gift boxes. Go to to satisfy the bon vivant in your mom.

Green Do-Gooder Moms

Earth Day was in April, but keep the spirit alive by giving an eco-friendly gift to your mom and Earth.'s Wood suggests reducing clutter by buying carbon offsets on behalf of your mom at It's instantaneous and there's no shipping involved. The company also sells products that help you reduce your carbon footprint: The Kill a Watt meter displays how much appliances are costing you every day, and the Shower Watch is a waterproof timer that aims to cut your time in the shower and conserve water. (The recommended shower time of most water companies and governments is four minutes.)

Self magazine's Buchan says the Synchilla Fleece Vest from Patagonia will also be a meaningful gift for the environmentally conscious mom. The multifunctional $70 vest is made from 85 percent recycled polyester and works well for layering or outdoor activities. After your mom has worn out the vest, she can drop it off at a nearby Patagonia store or mail it in, and the company will transform the garments into new clothing through its Common Threads Recycling Program. As an added bonus, Buchan says the vest is so comfortable and flattering that it will "encourage activity without saying, 'Mom, you need to exercise.' This is so cute she's just going to want to bust a move in it."

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