Excerpt: 'Eat, Sleep, Poop' by Scott Cohen

Crib: You are soon going to realize that all your baby does is eat, sleep, and poop. And of the three, the one you'll yearn for the most is sleep. It goes without saying that your child needs a place to sleep, but there's no need to give her more than one place to do that. Decide where you would like your infant to sleep, and go with your decision. You may decide that you want to put her crib in your room because it will be easier for you to get to her in the middle of the night when she needs to be fed. You may want her right next to you in a co-sleeper (a small, portable crib that sits next to your bed). Or you may choose to have her sleep in her own room in her own crib from the start. I do feel that routine and repetition are very important, so the sooner you start the routine, the better. Ultimately, if the goal is to have her sleep in her crib and in her own room, the transition will be easiest on both you and her if you start in that location.

Common Sense Bottom Line Select an item for your baby to sleep in and go with it; she will not need three different places to sleep. The earlier she is in her own bed the better.

Mattress: I remember visiting a popular baby store when we were getting ready for our daughter. We were in the mattress aisle overwhelmed by the thirty mattresses leaning up against the wall ranging in price from eighty to eight hundred dollars. We called over a salesperson and asked, "Which mattress do you recommend?" He responded, "We tell our customers to ask their pediatrician." My wife whimsically smacked me on the arm and we started to laugh.

The salesperson asked, "What's so funny?" and I said, "I'm a pediatrician, but I don't remember a course in medical school entitled 'Sealy versus Serta.' "

We ended up basing our decision on common sense (no need to go overboard and buy the most expensive mattress) as well as my pediatric training (a firm mattress reduces the risk of SIDS).

Common Sense Bottom Line Choose a crib mattress that is firm, as it will reduce the risk of SIDS. As for organic versus nonorganic . . . I'll leave that up to you.

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