EXCERPT: Elisabeth Leamy's 'Save Big'

Big Secret: You Can Use Manufacturer Coupons from One Store at Another Store

If you see a coupon in a store flyer, look closely: does it say "store coupon" or "manufacturer coupon?" If it's the latter, it's the manufacturer who is paying for your discount, so you are free to use that coupon at a different store! Manufacturer's Coupon + Store Coupon
Up to this point we've been talking about coupons the manufacturer offers to get you to try its products. But stores also offer their own coupons, to get you to come in. This is another coupon combo that will help you SAVE BIG. I know, I know you're scarred by the familiar phrase "cannot be combined with other offers." True, you cannot combine two different manufacturer coupons but you can combine a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon because the money is coming from two different sources. Yippee!

For some reason, drug stores, like CVS and Walgreens, offer far more store coupons than grocery stores do. That means drug stores can often be a great source not only of personal care and household goods, but also of food. They may not have much variety, but you can SAVE BIG on things like cereal and soup if you combine a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon at a drugstore. Look for store coupons in flyers on racks in the drug stores and also in direct mail and Sunday circular ads. Below are some more sources of store coupons:

Store Sunday circulars. (Look for the words "Store Coupon" across the top.) Single page store newspaper ads.
Direct mail ads sent to your home.
Store magazines.
Store websites.
Store emails. (Joining the store loyalty In store flyers on a stand at the front or back of the store.
The price check box at CVS stores. Scan your loyalty card to print coupons.
Store clubs like baby clubs or pet clubs.
Fundraising books sold by nonprofits for about $5.
Websites like HotCouponWorld.com and AFullCup.com.

Big Secret: Look for Stores That Accept Competitor's Coupons

Often stores don't advertise that they accept competitors' coupons. You'll probably have to ask. It can be essential for those situations where stores promote the same products one after another. So while one store is offering coupons for a product, another may be offering sales on that product. Combine these two opportunities and SAVE BIG!

Targeting Target Coupons
You can hit the bull's-eye at Target if you're looking for manufacturer + store coupon combos. Target offers extensive coupons on its website and it accepts manufacturer coupons too, though it does not double them. Plus, Target allows you to use coupons on sale items.

Here's the trick: Target posts its coupons online for only two weeks, but they are typically good for six weeks. And by that time, many of the items in the coupons have gone on sale, so you can combine a store coupon with the sale price to SAVE BIG.

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