EXCERPT: 'I Can Make You Sleep'

I want to be 100 percent certain that your sleep will improve so I want you to use the CD and I want you to follow every instruction and use every exercise in this book. That means that whatever your problem was, you will improve your sleep. Also you will be able to sleep well even if there are nights when you can't listen to the CD. I believe one of the reasons that people have such a high success rate with my change work is simply that we cover every angle. I've looked at all the reasons people have sleep problems, and when you use the whole of this system there is something that helps everyone.

The ideal time to listen to the CD is in bed as you go to sleep.

As you use it regularly, you will reinforce all the changes you are making and boost your natural sleep cycle. When you listen to the CD you don't have to make any effort at all. You don't have to believe in anything, you just need to hear the words and sounds on the CD and let your mind take what it needs. You can listen but you don't need to try to remember anything or even try to understand it. All that is necessary is simply to hear it so that the unconscious mind extracts from it all it needs to help you sleep better and better.

Hypnotic trance is not the same as sleep. You will hear all the words on the CD and your awareness may change but you will be able to wake up if necessary. However you will also find it much, much easier to slip into sleep from trance. You can also use the CD if you wake up during the night.

Whether you drift off very rapidly into sleep or whether you listen to the CD all the way through doesn't matter. There is a wide variety of natural states of relaxation you can experience as well as sleep, and while you do that I will reprogram your unconscious mind to sleep regularly and deeply just like reinstalling a program on a computer. Your mind is like a computer in many ways. It has its own software that helps you to organize your thinking and behavior. Having worked with all sorts of people with different problems over many years, I have learned that almost all problems stem from the same cause programs have been installed in the unconscious mind that have undesirable outcomes. Sometimes the program was installed accidentally like a computer virus, other times people are still running programs to solve problems that no longer exist. Either way, the solution is the same. Remove the old program and reinstall a new, clean, better version.


As you use this system over the next few weeks your sleep cycle will be greatly improved. After that, depending on many factors, not least your starting point, there may be room for some more improvement or it may be that you simply need to spend more time following all the rules carefully so that you embed all the new learning in the unconscious mind to keep the unconscious mind delivering better sleep.

After two months you will find that your sleep cycle has become fairly robust. That means that even if for some reason you have to stay up later or your sleep is interrupted your sleep cycle should re-establish itself easily within a couple of nights. If for any reason at all your sleep becomes disrupted again, go back to following all the instructions, using all the exercises and listening to the CD for at least a week. This will ensure that the momentum of improvement is restored.

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