Top Book Picks for Great Fall Reads from 'Good Morning America'

"Oogy," by Larry Levin

"Oogy" is the heartwarming story of a dog who got a second chance at life and of the family who took him home and made him one of their own. In 2002, when he was just four months old, Oogy was used as bait as part of a dog fighting ring. He was thrown in a cage, left to die until the police rescued him, and left him at the after-hours service of an animal hospital outside Philadelphia. The hospital administrator who found him in the morning knew he had a slim chance of survival, but was determined not to let the dog die. After a series of surgeries, Oogy was ready for adoption. That's when Levin and his ten-year-old twin sons, whom he and his wife had adopted as infants, were bringing their dying cat into the animal hospital -- and what began as a terrible day suddenly got brighter.

GMA Fall Reading Roundup

"Huck," by Janet Elder

"Huck" is the true story of the tenacity of one small dog, the unexpected, extraordinary kindness of strangers, and a family's devotion to one another. While Janet Elder is on vacation with her husband and young son, she receives the devastating news that their new toy poodle, Huck, has run away from her sister's house in Ramsey, N.J. For Elder and her family, Huck isn't just a pet -- he is a very real symbol of hope, having come into their lives after a difficult year in which Janet was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. The family is determined to do whatever is necessary to find their beloved Huck. Moved by the family's plight, the entire town of Ramsey joins the search, which proves to be a testament to the generosity of strangers and a powerful reminder that hope is rewarded and happy endings still happen.

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