Family-Friendly Ways to Fight Bed Bugs


This continues until as long as the same product or family of products is used. The problem is that until recently, the pest management industry has had primarily only one family of product available to use against bed bugs, the pyrethroids. It is now known according to a study by Dr. Michael Potter of the University of Kentucky, that a strain of bed bugs we supplied him from New York City, Far Rockaway region, is resistant up to three hundred times the label rate of Suspend SC.

We had to return to this location several times over the next thirty days to fulfill our contract and to control this infestation. We would have to perform many treatments over the next several months before the management would find it too expensive to continue working with us.

I don't know if they ever got complete eradication of the bed bug infestation at this location. We as a pest management company learned to change our preparation procedures and treatment procedures due to our experience with this account.

Again, the level of tolerance those individuals had amazes me. The clutter and level of infestation that would drive many of us mad or insane is just plain normal to many other individuals. When individuals accept that somehow it is OK to live under these conditions, that is going to allow bed bugs to escalate over the next several years as the infestations get worse.

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