EXCERPT: 'How to Rule the World from Your Couch'

The problem is that we are not even conscious half the time that we are adding complexity to our lives, but as you will see, by learning to access our intuition we can start to clear the fog of these self-imposed challenges. In this way, we can learn to sim- plify the complex in order to find the shortest or most pleasurable line between you and your goals—whatever they may be. Intuition, you see, is innate. It is part of our human hard- wiring, to the point that two-year-olds rely on it to survive and accomplish incredible things, mostly because they do not yet have access to things like intellect, wisdom, or experience. Intuition is so simple that if you merely do the exercises at the beginning of each chapter (even without first reading the chapter), over time, through firsthand experience your intuition will start to fill in some of the blanks. I, as your guide through this process, have created and organized a program of experiences and tools in the form of the book's chapters to speed up your subconscious process— but it is for the sole purpose of helping you to access and allow your intuition to take over. You will see that as you start to let go of the thinking, and actually start intuiting, you will have more time, energy, and wherewithal to really enjoy this process and your life by easily creating success.

The process, in theory, is very straightforward and will be laid out at the beginning of each chapter. The real challenge will be to apply these techniques efficiently to your life, simply because you are complex and the world is complex, and because what you potentially are able to do and what your beliefs, patterns, and subconscious will allow you to do are two markedly different things. Part of the work of this book will be to give you a direct experience of intuition in a way that has a verifiable and palpable effect on your life. It will do so by helping you to ask the right questions and by engaging you in effective practices that will help to bring these simple, innate abilities to life. To your life.

My goal is that the advice written in this book will prove itself to you, once applied. I'll give you an example: the best first- time student I ever had told me that he didn't believe in intuition. He attended my workshop as a favor to his wife and scared himself silly when, within thirty minutes, he got detailed, accurate information about someone he had never met just from holding the person's name in a blank, sealed envelope.

If I can leave my students with any bottom line, it is this: do not complicate intuition. Just practice accessing it, document the process, and it will do the rest. Don't worry about doing it right. There is no right. I will start off with broad and somewhat non- Linear abstract exercises at the beginning of each chapter, and we will get more detailed as the chapter progresses. You may even find that my details are unnecessary. You will see that if you keep working through the exercises in each chapter, you will quite naturally find your own way.

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