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Number one bestselling author Dean Koontz has thrilled and chilled his devoted fans in one blockbuster novel after another — from Watchers and False Memory to The Face — coming soon in paperback — and his most recent bestseller, Odd Thomas.

Book Specific Questions

Question: Are you planning on doing any more books like ODD THOMAS-first person-narration, etc.? That was one of the best books I have ever read. Brian, Washington, DC

Answer: Thank you, Brian. I have seldom written first-person narration-TWILIGHT EYES, FEAR NOTHING, SEIZE THE NIGHT, ODD THOMAS-because I've always felt that each first-person narrator should sound unique, not like me when I write in third person, and not like one another. Because first person necessarily narrows the scope of a story, I only want to use it when I have a character so fresh (at least to me) that more is gained by his or her voice than is lost by the narrower scope. For some reason, suitable first-person narrators have been coming to me more frequently than in the past. LIFE EXPECTANCY, which will be published in December of 2004, is in the first person. Because I was so enchanted by the character of Odd Thomas and because reader mail related to that book has now exceeded the mail volume for any other book I've published, I plan to return to Odd and see where his life has gone since I left him listening to music with Elvis; I'm sure he has more to tell me.

Question: ODD THOMAS was wonderful. How are you able to create such nuanced characters like Thomas and his girlfriend? Are they modeled off people you know? Chris, Austin, TX

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