Excerpt: 'How to Set His Thighs on Fire'

Remember Omarosa from The Apprentice? She was considered the evil one, of course, the conniving bitch, but I met her when I did a segment on the first Apprentice and I found her intriguing. After the show was over, I invited her to my house for dinner. One of the things that struck me about her was that she really believed in her own sexiness. She wasn't waiting around for someone to tell her. And because of this, she could light up a room. My dog, a little Westie, leapt into her arms when she arrived and then sat in her lap for the rest of the night. I have never, ever seen him act like that with anyone else. As far as he was concerned, she was on fire.

So own your hotness rather than rent it. Instead of waiting around for anyone to anoint you, anoint yourself. I know that it's far easier said than done, but you can start by vowing to not bash any single part of your looks. If the words "I hate my . . ." take a single step across your brain, just stop them. You also need to consider what your best asset is and play it up to the max: if it's your legs, wear short skirts and great shoes; if it's your long, lustrous hair, pay to have it blown out every week. And most important, decide on a moxie mantra you can say to yourself every day and when you're in any kind of situation that makes you feel self-conscious. One reader once told me that she mentally recites the line from Almost Famous: "I am a Golden Goddess." And then there's always "I so own this room."

Excerpted from HOW TO SET THINGS OF FIRE: 86 RED-HOT LESSONS ON LOVE, LIFE, MEN, AND (ESPECIALLY) SEX by Kate White. Copyright © 2006 by Kate White.

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