Excerpt: 'The Beauty Buyble'

This shampoo is ultragentle, moisture rich, and compatible for hair that is color-treated. The creamy texture contains avocado oil and nettle extract to add shine. This is a superb and highly recommended product for all hair types and is a savior for dry hair.

MEDIUM bc bonacure moisture shampoo from Schwarzkopf Professional ($12.50)

Fine salons or (800) 707-9997

If you can cast your mind back to a time when a woman couldn't get a loan, wasn't allowed to wear trousers to work and panty hose (then called tights) were required, even in the summer, because the office had a strict dress code for women, then you can understand why bc bonacure shampoo is so important today.

Back then it was Breck or Body on Tap, shampoo that just cleansed the hair, a very minimal result to coincide with very limited potential in the office. Today, there are greater demands placed on women in the workforce, and thus greater demands on shampoo. This shampoo's technology actively targets dry areas, strengthens hair, and selectively repairs damage only where needed. It is a fact that with bc bonacure's moisture shampoo, life is more beautiful and the possibilities are endless.

LOW L'Oreal VIVE Shampoo Nutri-Moisture ($3.99)

Mass retailers or www.drugstore.com

Takeaway is fine, and reheating is no problem, but don't ask us to spend a fortune on shampoo when we can afford this one and the results are on par with anything above it. It has a cashmere touch at a fraction of the price!

THE AUTHORS' PICK for this category -- and this was a very close one, as all three picks are superb products -- the L'Oreal VIVE shampoo because it consistently performs as it says it will and for the price, it's unbeatable. Another good thing is that you can purchase this product anywhere, and who hasn't forgotten their shampoo on a trip and then had to live with less-than-perfect hair because they couldn't find the right shampoo?

Oily Hair Shampoos

It feels like a mop that has just swabbed a public restroom, the heavy oily strands just weigh you down. The right shampoo can make you feel clean again, and give your hair some beautiful bounce and lightness.

HIGH Phytopanama Mild Shampoo ($20)

Fine salons or www.sephora.com


On this sunny morning at the Canyon Ranch spa outside of Tucson, Arizona, I find myself stuck with an unusual dilemma: my hair is oily out here. As I plowed through another gallon of fruit-flavored water, an unsettling truth occurred to me. I haven't yet found the right shampoo for oily hair. We need to put our brains through some cardio, Maureen -- help!

-- Paula


Don't fret. Upon receiving your e-mail I immediately gathered our hair panel for an impromptu conference call. It's unanimous. The Phytopanama is extremely mild, and this frequent-use shampoo contains 65 percent panama wood to cleanse, while respecting hair's natural moisture, which means it won't dry you out. I've sent two bottles overnight, express mail.

-- Maureen

MEDIUM Kiehl's Protein Concentrate Shampoo for Oily Hair ($13.50)


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