Excerpt: 'Green River Serial Killer'

Cars did not typically enter their driveway. Sure, they had Gary's son from his second marriage over to visit sometimes on weekends. The two daughters from her first marriage occasionally came by. But unexpected visitors? No way. Solicitors avoided this area. The houses that shared the private road were all situated on one acre or more. With the houses spaced farther apart than typical neighborhoods, and with an abundance of trees and thick bushes blocking the view from one house to another, it wasn't efficient for solicitors to call on this area.

Judith heard two people walk to the front door and ring the doorbell. She bit her lower lip.

After a few moments she inhaled deeply, straightened up her back, and decided to go find out who was at her front door. She walked through the smaller garage door and entered the bottom floor of the house. She climbed up the short flight of stairs to the main floor foyer. She opened the heavy wood door and immediately realized she was looking up at the faces of a man and a woman -- professional-looking people who had already opened the screen door and were leaning in toward her.

Who on earth are these people? They look so serious. Judith felt small looking up at the tall strangers.

The professional-looking people pressed identification toward her face and quickly introduced themselves as Detectives Sue Peters and Matt Haney. Judith frowned and mouthed the word detectives, but no sound came out. Detectives? Did they really say detectives? I must have heard them wrong.

Judith swallowed hard against her dry throat. Her eyes zigzagged back and forth between the man and the woman. Solemn faces stared back. Something was wrong. The strangers looked too serious.

Somehow the detectives and Judith had moved into the house and were heading for the living room. The detectives said they had some important questions to ask her and wondered if they could tape record their conversation. She said of course. Thoughts were racing in figure eight patterns like an airplane with no pilot inside her head. She could not understand why these authoritative people were in her house.

Something about the scene felt familiar and frightening to Judith. Her body initiated symptoms that she loathed. At the center of her core she began trembling. The trembling rumbled deep within and then began moving out to her extremities. A wavy sense of lightheadedness began. Judith's heart was beating faster and faster, throat dry as hot sand. I'm going to have a seizure! Her last seizure had been in the l960's when she was only twenty-three years old. To Judith, that had been a lifetime ago, and she believed she was free and clear of seizures. Judith whimpered internally.

The detectives asked Judith about Gary and his relationship with his son. They asked about Gary's family and what kind of people they were. They questioned her about Gary's arrest a couple of weeks ago. Did she know about it? Judith pressed the palm of her right hand to her forehead and explained that Gary had told her about the arrest. He said it was a silly mistake. He was on his way to work, pulled his truck over to push up the tailgate he had left lowered, and waved at a woman as a friendly gesture. She explained how her husband was always smiling and saying hello to people when they were out in public. Police arrested him for solicitation of a prostitute. But he was released the same day, and he and Judith were relieved that it was some kind of a crazy mix up.

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