Excerpt: Lou Dobbs' 'Independents Day'

CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, a self-described "advocacy journalist" and "independent populist," has a new book out called "Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit."

In the book, Dobbs, who has become known for his anti-immigration stance, talks about the failure of America's political system and how the arrogance of "the elites" threatens the future of the nation. One solution to the problem, he says, is a viable third party candidate.

You can read an excerpt from "Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit" below.

Excerpt: 'Independents Day'

The 2008 presidential campaign is upon us, and there should be no doubt that we are at a critical historic juncture, and the very survival of our nation may well depend on the electoral choices we make. When one scans the number of candidates seeking their party's nomination for the highest office in the U.S. government, what has seemed an interminably long campaign seems too brief and inadequate a period in which to choose a leader of great quality and character to successfully lead us in the twenty-first century.

America is a great nation whose leaders have become intoxicated with the idea that the accomplishments and achievements of preceding generations assure them not only of success, but of only limited consequences for their failures of judgment and infidelity to traditional American values. Nearly all of our political leaders seem to believe that America's wealth is so great that it cannot be exhausted; the elites of politics and business seem to believe that their power flows from a superior DNA structure that confers upon them an omniscience in economic and geopolitical affairs that three hundred million citizens cannot hope to comprehend. Their arrogance now threatens the future of our nation, and their elitist sense of entitlement has reached such heights that our leaders are now openly dismissive of the will of the people. They no longer honor our fundamental national values but instead attach themselves to the interests of multinational corporations and politi cal parties, and recognize no duty to the nation in which they prosper. Many of our political leaders rationalize their careless exercise of power and their disregard for the consequences of their decisions with their religiosity; that is, God's providence has guided and favored America throughout its history and therefore favors the faithful, if incompetent, leaders in all walks of American life. Let us pray.

Many of our corporate leaders are even more disdainful of our national values and interests than our politicians. Business leaders, if anything, seem more committed to their personal belief systems, which have been elevated to religiosity, the foundation of which is a blind faith in what they perceive to be the higher perfect power of economics and markets. "Mr. Market" knows all and knows best for these corporate masters of the universe.

These lofty elites wield their awesome social, economic, and political powers without apparent regard for the common good, the national interest, or the traditional values that have historically informed and guided America's leaders. These elitists have abandoned American ideals for self- interest, and are ignoring ordinary citizens as unworthy of their concern, obligation, and duty.

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