Excerpt: Lou Dobbs' 'Independents Day'

Let me acquaint you with the America I know. We are a nation of immigrants. But foremost we are a nation of laws. We are a nation of unprecedented diversity, and we are a people of laws. Even foreigners who visit and who are guests of this nation enjoy the same legal protection guaranteed our citizens under the Constitution. That Constitution begins with the words "we the people," and so far we have persevered, in good times and bad, in war and peace, in poverty and prosperity, because we honor our Constitution and the laws that flow from it. To paraphrase our president, our leaders must not fear the people, and our leaders must welcome democracy. America is first a nation and Americans are first citizens, despite those corporate and special interests and political partisans who insist that America is only an economy and a market and Americans are just consumers and laborers. America is a great nation, Americans are a great people, and we are desperate for great leaders who know us, understand us, and respect us. We will no longer tolerate elitists who would have Americans be strangers in our own land.

The ever-enlarging size, scope, and scale of government, business, and media are often celebrated by establishment elites who are indifferent to the rights and lives of ordinary citizens whose interests are poorly served by many of the powerful institutions that once stood for all that is best of what has been America and American. While our elites have perverted our great national purpose of providing for the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of all our citizens, they exalt ideology, partisanship, greed, and privilege. Our elites no longer talk straightforwardly and plainly. They speak instead in the jargon of Wall Street and the lexicon of globalization. Elites in business and government promote efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness rather than their responsibilities to our citizens, to the quality of life of our working men and women and their families, to the education of our young, and to our American way of life.

Straightforwardly, we have allowed our elites to mortgage our future, literally and figuratively, and to constrain our individual liberty and freedom, and it is time that we examine with clear eyes who we've become, who we are as a nation, and how American citizens will shape our own future. Both Republicans and Democrats, the president, and the congressional leadership would have us focus on fears and limitations rather than on our aspirations and hopes, and accept elitist direction toward the fate they favor. The elite establishment fears nothing more than the awakening of the American spirit and the empowerment of American citizens to determine our national destiny. Until now, the elites have had their way. It's time for the American way.

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