Excerpt: Lou Dobbs' 'Independents Day'

I believe that only the energized, active engagement and participation of our citizens at every level of politics and government will change our national direction. We will succeed if the vast majority of us can reject partisanship and end what are nothing more than brand loyalties to the Democratic and Republican parties, and replace those partisan brands with a passionate commitment to our ideals of in dependence and equality, to the common good and the national interest. Populism requires no political apparatus, no party machine. Populism as a philosophy and movement requires only that we put our people and our national interest first, that we honor our Constitution and nation, and that we respect one another's rights of individual liberty and equality of opportunity. Populism requires that we Americans be neither timid nor retiring in asserting our rights and the equal rights of our fellow Americans, and that we prize our American heritage of self-reliance and compassion and our independence as a people and a nation. I truly believe all of us should live every day as Independence Day.

We must make this our day, the day of the independent American.

Reprinted by arrangement with Viking, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., from INDEPENDENTS DAY by Lou Dobbs. Copyright © Lou Dobbs, 2007

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