Excerpt: "Mother Warriors"

When we pulled up to the hospital there was a police officer standing outside. We opened the car door and started screaming "Our baby's seizing!" The police officer took him, and we ran in.

I shouted to them, "I think he's having a reaction to the shots, to the vaccines. He got them today." So they brought me over to the nurse and she asked me what the situation was and I said again, "I think he's having a reaction to the vaccines. He got them today."

He had now been seizing 40 minutes.

My husband and I were just freaking out. We were like, "oh my god, can't you get him to stop?" There was a wall of people around him working on him. Harry and I were so scared. They kept saying, "His heart's doing ok, though, he's fine. His heart's doing ok." And we're like, "Make the seizures stop!"

They finally got it to stop, but then he had partial paralysis. Half of his face looked like he had a stroke; his eye, mouth, and whole muscle structure of his face were drooped and the other half was fine. I thought at this point he was dead, I hate to say it. Because everyone just kind of stepped back, walking away, and I'm thinking, "this is not good," especially seeing him in that condition. Then this one nurse went over and moved his thumb, and it's almost as if it pulled the life back into him because all of a sudden his face corrected itself from the paralysis.

I had never been so scared to death. I've never been that scared in my life.

We were in the ICU for 2 or 3 days and when we finally left what I stated to the police officer, to the people registering, to the emergency room staff about the vaccine injury, never showed up in any paperwork.

Nowhere was it noted that it was a vaccine reaction. When we went back to his pediatrician and told him that we believed it was because of the shots Elias received that same day he told us there was in no way a correlation at all between the seizures and his vaccines. He went on and on and told us not to worry and he did such a good job convincing us that we actually believed him. Then it happened again. We vaccinated and he seized and seized. He seized forty five times within this first year. It was during this time my husband stared researching on The University of Google.

We hadn't gotten to the autism point yet but my husband Harry was coming across things such as B vitamin deficiencies and diet and we wanted to present this to our pediatrician because all that is happening at this point is more seizures and all they're doing is either adding in drugs or bumping up the dosages of drugs he's already on.

Elias at this point was reaching certain milestones. He could sit up when he was supposed to, he could walk when he was supposed to but then around this time he couldn't point, couldn't wave, and he was non verbal.

He looked right through us as if we were ghosts. He wouldn't respond to his name being called so we started questioning, could this be autism? With the research we started on Google the signs started pointing in that direction.

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