Excerpt: Bethenny Frankel's 'Naturally Thin'

As you can probably tell, I've replaced my dieting obsession with an obsession for cooking and eating the very best food, and sharing it with everyone. I've already shared these secrets with my friends, and they have all benefited. Now it's your turn. It's my obsession to help everyone who wants to be naturally thin achieve what I have achieved. That's just the way I am. I have to obsess about something. The point is that this obsession is all about feeling and looking great -- for me, for the rich and famous, and for you.

It's also about finally getting rid of all the extra weight you've been carrying around -- the weight you don't need. That weight is holding you back from being your true self, and the only way to find your true self is to embrace healthful eating as a way of life. You can't do it by suffering, deprivation, or pain. You can't do it by starving or binging and purging. And you don't have to do any of that anymore.

Healthful eating is something worth getting excited about. All you have to do is work through the ten rules. Read them; practice the tips for incorporating them into your life; and slowly but surely, you'll see your life, your attitude, and your body changing, right before your eyes. Start practicing now, and in just days you'll feel more like yourself again. I'm ready to help you transform your entire relationship to food, exactly the way I help my clients change theirs. Are you ready?

What to Expect inside This Book

This book will teach you a new language and a new mind set. I've divided this book into two parts. In Part One, I talk about the ten rules I've learned for getting and staying naturally thin. I devote one chapter to each rule, explaining it in depth so that you will understand what I mean and how to incorporate the rule into your life. I'll talk about how each rule works for me, and how it can work for you. Memorize these rules and live them, and you'll start to see exactly how easy it is to be naturally thin.

I suggest you take your time with Part One. Let it sink in. Think about it, read it, and read it again. Go back over the sections that speak to you, and I'll be with you the whole way, sharing my own struggles and helping you manage yours. The more you think about and practice the ten rules, the more they will become integrated into your consciousness. Before you know it, you'll be practicing them without even thinking. They will become part of who you are and how you think about food. And starting with the very first chapter, you'll be able to stop dieting, stop obsessing about food, and stop wrecking your own happiness and health. You'll be free -- and you'll start getting thinner.

Part Two of this book is for people who want more structure. Make no mistake: this is not a diet. But it does offer some solid guidelines for how to implement the rules in your life. In Chapter 11, I set up some principles for you to practice and I also review the ten rules. I talk about some important concepts and remind you of others from Part One. Then I take your hand and lead you through a week of eating.

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