Transcript: U2 Dishes to Chris Cuomo

You know, we really wanted to make sense of the scale of the stadium venues. And our production, I have to say -- has -- has kind of -- it now looks like a piece of architecture designed to fit into this kind of venue. And weirdly enough, it creates a kind of intimacy which we never could have achieved in a stadium before because we're so kind of in the -- in the middle. We're so exposed. And -- and -- and when the four of us come together, there's this clear view for everybody. They can really see the interaction -- the chemistry.

CUOMO: Let me ask you, on the road, which of you -- what is the consensus? Who's the most fun on the road of you four guys?

THE EDGE: I think we all have our good nights and our -- our bad nights. It -- it changes. You know, the the baton gets passed Larry, I have to say, on this tour is -- is comin' up, comin' through on the fun stakes (UNINTEL). Adam obviously (CHUCKLE) -- Adam obviously was, early on. (CHUCKLE) But Adam's -- Adam's passed on the buck.

CUOMO: It's fun -- now, Larry, you started the band.

You know, there's this obviously famous mythical story, now about you putting up the ad saying, "I want to start a band." Do you ever regret about who you picked? You know, just to lay it out there? (CHUCKLE) You ever think, "Man -- "

MULLEN: No, no, I would -- I would like to say this. No... I didn't choose these guys. It (UNINTEL) turns out they chose me. AAAH.. I -- I -- so I didn't -- I didn't have much say in -- in how -- in how it worked. It's like -- it's like -- it's a little like -- (CHUCKLE)

CUOMO: Do you regret not sticking with the name Larry Mullen Jr. Band?

MULLEN: I do. As a matter of fact, that is one of my big regrets. I think we could've (UNINTEL) this --

THE EDGE: It would've been more popular -- U2 is such a crap name...

CUOMO: But it is interesting when you study the history, something that's so successful as your collaboration, the early thoughts of, "Oh, you know -- Bono, you know, takin' that name, later. Came in, no, the guitarist maybe, maybe not. Your voice, we'll see. But what charisma." You know, Adam used the right language and the Edge, obviously -- you know, you were taken with him as an addition right away. But do you ever think back on them, those kind of -- assessments?

MULLEN: Yeah -- you -- it is hard to look back and imagine that some kind of, you know, that you sat down with a blueprint and put things in place (UNINTEL). It's so random, in a way, and so extraordinary that randomly four people could have remained -- not only friends, but musical collaborators for such a long period. Now, we can't make that shit up. You know?

BONO: It just (CHUCKLE) -- it -- it's a really -- it's a very difficult thing full stop. -- thing. Business relationships, you know, marriage and lovers, whatever it is, sticking together is almost impossible.

These -- in fact, the odds are against us. And I think that's perhaps when we walk out on stage, what people are feeling, I think, these people come through a lot together. And -- and I've heard people say that even if they don't like the band, that they have an involuntary reaction when the band walks out on stage.

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