Transcript: U2 Dishes to Chris Cuomo

BONO: And there's a little bit of that creepin' back in. So we want our -- we're here to bring -- peace.

What we're sayin' is, "Let them Irish fight in the stadium. Everybody gonna be in (UNINTEL)." (CHUCKLE) Here, no problem, you can buy it. You can sell it. Whatever you (UNINTEL).

CUOMO: Have you -- is it -- encouraging to you that the tour has been as successful from the ticket sales, respective -- given the environment in the world right now, you know, with the recessionary -- year?

THE EDGE: We were blown away. I mean, you know, once -- like you say, we -- we weren't certain how the -- how the tickets would sell. But, it's been amazing. I mean, it's pretty much all sold out.

CUOMO: I mean, from -- everybody's havin' to adjust. You -- you hear about the big sports teams are pulling back. Big events are pulling back. There was speculation about the sales.

THE EDGE: But, so -- but I think 'cause we kept the ticket price low, which is one of the -- the other benefits of playing outdoors is because you're meeting demand, you don't get that awful scalping, secondary ticket market thing that happens when -- when you play in small venues. Here, the -- you know, what it says on the ticket's pretty much what you buy the ticket for. So, our younger fans have access prob'ly for the first time a few tourists took to these shows(UNINTEL), so it's really a thrill.

BONO: Yeah, and -- and they know that at the very -- the seat at the back and i've sat in about every one. And, you know, and -- yeah, I mean (UNINTEL) or even if they're playing, someone will be -- while -- while they're playing, I've gotten, you know, walked around and passing out -- and it is even better (CHUCKLE) right at the back. I mean, it's part rave, part, you know, I don't know what -- it's part political rally, part, you know, people can lose it -- down the front. But actually, up at the back, it's (UNINTEL). And it's a very, I think, very good -- value in that sense.

THE EDGE: Yeah, that's where the value of the (UNINTEL) really pays off.

BONO: I can't believe I just said the word value. But --

We -- all those times doin' the shows, I've done it all my life. You can't hear anything or see anything. It's like, you know, okay I'm tall so I can see. But, you know, all the people around me all the small people.

CUOMO: Gives you guys a real chance to exercise yourselves up on the stage. When I was watching yesterday, you were runnin' around. You had the bongo drum. You literally were havin' to, like, sprint over across the bridge you go. We were talkin' last night, Adam, 'bout the challenge of being on the moving bridge. How are you -- how are you adjusting to all this?

CLAYTON: A bit wobbly on the moving bridge... I don't like it.

CUOMO: So, you started here. You're heading up to Canada. When you start off on a tour like this, you have all these dates in front of you, who knows how far they'll extend, what kind of goal do you give yourself? Or where do you put your mind in terms of what you want to come out of this? Or do you not at all? Do you not even think of it that way?

THE THE EDGE: Oh, you know, the real challenge is to keep the show alive, so -- so that takes up a lot of time. But we're already working on the next album. I mean, you know, we're already talking about the new sounds.

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