Transcript: U2 Dishes to Chris Cuomo

CUOMO: Now, is there any chance the next album will actually be from the Larry Mullen band? (chuckle) is there any … 'cause I've heard that.

MULLEN: No. (chuckle)

CUOMO: 'Cause there is -- there's speculation.

BONO: I have to confess that Larry -- Larry put out that speculation.

MULLEN: I'm working' on my solo record

CUOMO: So, when you're taking this all in, right, this screen is a phenomenal dynamic that you have for being connected. Even though we've seen big screens, right… what do you think this does in terms of the dynamic that it's creating? 360 aside, like, just what it gives you in terms of presentation value?


Well, it makes (unintel). Terrible thing about most screens, you're -- you're looking' off -- off to the left or the right. You -- you can't get a sense of the performance and -- and -- and see it. So with this screen, it's right over. So the -- it's -- it's really it -- keep looking' at us and get a sense of what's happening on the screen.

CUOMO: Any funny stuff happened up on there, yet?

BONO: No, no -- nothing -- too comic, yet. But I will say the -- there's been a little bit -- of -- of magic. The magic act is that, you know, with all the trucks and all the engineers building this Spaceship, for me, there's a moment in the show when it just disappears. It just -- it seems to go away. And you're just playing a song with your audience and you're completely intimate, is the word. And that's the magic act of this show, because if people go away with just that, I -- I think we'd be disappointed. As sad as we are to be art objects.


I guess the statement, too, was the power of the Music, in itself, right, is that you could have something as gigantic as This and it winds up becoming secondary in terms of people's experience.

THE EDGE: yup. Well, the thing about this during the day is so impressive looking at night is (unintel) light. The lesson is what you light is what you see. And -- a lot of the show is dark. All you're seeing is the band performing.


It was phenomenal last night. It's a real kind of statement up how things have changed or how they stay the same. Last night you said, "We'll make a U2 milky way, here. Everybody hold up their cell phones, which is such a new thing. You know, you'd see obviously, lighters, right? But, I took a picture of that and I showed it to you last night. It really does look like -- just a complete celestial sea of cell (chuckle) phones. You don't see any of this. You just see all the people and what they've kind of made as a community around you.

BONO: Tonight, we're trying a piece for a song we've never played before from an obscure album called the (unintel). And it's where we connect with the people in the international space station.


BONO: So we've been having this ongoing relationship with the astronauts and cosmonauts that they take two and half hours to -- to orbit the earth. And we have one of the astronauts performing a lyric. And he -- he recites a lyric at the end of the song. So, Tonight's the first time trying it.

CUOMO: Real time?


It is -- no, he's being recorded doing it.

CUOMO: It was a real pleasure to see the first show. I know it's very important to you, certainly Important to everybody. I wish you continued luck.

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