Drunk Husbands, Couch Fires, Food Fights: More Office Party Horror Stories

'Food Fight!'

About 20 years ago, during an office Christmas lunch, about 25 of us went to a local "medieval-themed" restaurant where they served "grog" out of wooden mugs, fed patrons entire roasted chickens, and encouraged the customers to throw their bones on the floor so the serving wenches could sweep up during the meal.

It was billed as, and completely lived up to being, a raucous atmosphere, but a fun experience nonetheless.

A food fight broke out among the "happier" members of our group. The "happiest" of the bunch picked up a half-eaten chicken and hurled it across a long picnic-style table at someone and ended up hitting the senior department manager right in the face.

There was chicken meat, skin, bones and grease completely smeared all over the boss' shirt, tie, and slacks.

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