Holiday Handbook: Gifts Under $10

And be sure to search for free shipping codes to combine with your purchases.

An example of this type of deal would be to buy the new Michael Buble CD, "Crazy Love." The retail price is $9.89, but if you start at, a shopping portal that accesses merchant sites and gives you a portion of the price back, and use the following series of codes you can get the price down to $2.74.

Sign up for a new account at and that qualifies you for $5 cash back when you make your first purchase. Search for the Michael Buble CD using You'll find it at Barnes and Noble for $9.89. At check-out use online coupon code to save 15 percent ($1.48).

The whole concept of ebates is that you get a percentage of the purchase back, so in this case you get 8 percent as an ebate ($.67). Final price on the CD is $2.74. Don't forget to factor in shipping: at Barnes and Noble purchase $25 worth of items and they'll give you free shipping.

We also found two deals on digital picture keychains. These are the pocket-sized digital displays that you can load up with your own pictures to give someone a handy keepsake and brag book. We found one for just $10 at Sears, or you could use ebates again.

If you're a first time shopper to and an Ebates member, you get $5 off an order of $30 or more plus free shipping.

You get 5 percent of your order back in dollars.

You get 6 percent cash back on your order through Ebates.

Personalized Picture Book for Free

Many of the online photo sharing sites are offering holiday deals like 25 percent off at Kodakgallery if you order $50 or more, Shutterfly has 20 percent off calendars, and Snapfish has a 10 personalized photo page flip book that they will send you free when you use the code GMAFREE, you just pay $1.99 for shipping. The offer is good until Dec. 13.

Old Navy

Old Navy has performance fleece long sleeve tops for women at $5 this week. If you still have your Sunday paper, grab the 25 percent-off coupon on any one item and you can get the price down to $3.75.

Godiva at a Discount

Luxury chocolate maker Godiva is recognizing the strapped wallets of shoppers this holiday season. They have a new line of candies called gems that will sell for $10 in Godiva retail locations.


We tried a pair of cute, in-ear earphones from Maxell that look like M&M candies. They cost just $9 at and they fit well. They have buds that go slightly into the ear canal and stay put when exercising or moving around. The sound is good enough, and parents will like the fact that they don't seal out all noises in the world around them. They are not noise canceling. Your teen can hear cars approaching or a parent talking to them while they are wearing the earphones.

Gadget Charger for the Car

Many gadgets can charge off the USB port on your computer, so we found a $4 car charger at that allows you to plug two USB jacks into the cigarette lighter in the car. This is nice for Bluetooth devices or iPods that you use exclusively in the car, since you won't have to buy a separate adapter with a car charger jack.

Fireplace DVD

You love the romantic glow of a fire in the fireplace, but there's one problem; you don't have a fireplace. But if you have a TV and a DVD player, you're in luck. The Fireplace DVD at Sam's club cost just $7 and it has all the virtual Yule log scenes you could ever want.

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