Infomercial Products Put to the Test

Infomercial Products Put to the Test

We all want to believe what the informericals advertise on television -- but do they really work that well? I put five products to test so that you don't have to, and here are my reviews:

Product: 'My Solemate'

VIDEO: Becky Worley tests the EZ Cracker, My Solemate and Emery Cat Board.
Infomercial Products: Which Ones Work?

Grade: A-
Cost: $9.99

"My Solemate" is a white pumice stone connected to a bar of soap. At first, I thought it was gimmicky. Who needs to combine soap and a pumice stone. But when I put it in the shower I actually used it. And by doing this every day my feet are a little less scaly. The soap smells nice, but isn't too flowery or strong. You can snap in replacement soap when the bar wears down, but I've been using it for two months and haven't needed a soap replacement yet. What "My Solemate" made me realize is that I haven't paid attention to cleaning the bottoms of my feet (I figured they are down there getting soaked in the water from the shower, who needs to soap and scrub?). But when I used "My Solemate" I saw after each scrub with the white pumice stone how much dirt came off my feet even after I'd been in the shower for a few minutes. My feet are cleaner and my socks smell a little better. The only reason this product is not getting an "A" is that I reserve "A" grades for infomercial products that end world hunger and will help Brangelina stay together. This is good, but the problem of dirty feet is not "A" worthy.

Product: 'Emery Cat Board'
Grade: D (But cats are fickle so your cat might give it an A-)
Cost: $19.95

I gave the "Emery Cat" to some friends who have two cats. One cat wouldn't go anywhere near it. We put catnip in it and the other cat smelled it and rubbed it, but very little scratching ever occurred.

In the month that the cats tested it, there was no change in how sharp their nails were. Her owners still had to trim her nails. Another issue: We couldn't figure out how this would file the cat's back nails because they only scratch with their front paws. I will concede that cats are fickle and while one cat may avoid the "Emery Cat," another may love it. But for our test cats, "Emery Cat" only dulled our wallet.

In response to my review, Allstar Products Group released a statement that said, "We have heard from many happy cat owners that Emery Cat Board helps satisfy cat's natural need to scratch. It often takes pets some time to get acclimated to new products, so we recommend using the cat toy and catnip that are included with Emery Cat Board to provide a feline-friendly experience."

A special thanks to Grace, Princess and Mina Olive-Venafra for helping with this segment.

For more information on the Humane Society of New York CLICK HERE.

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