Dear 'GMA' Advice Guru Top 20 Finalists: Lissa Coffey


"Accidentally"? A Facebook page is public, so you should not feel like you are violating any trust by looking at your son's page. Looking at a Facebook page is not like reading a diary. It should actually be a family prerequisite for any child under 18 when setting up the page that the parent is either a Facebook "friend"or that the page can be viewed at any time. This is just good parenting. Talk with your son and express your concerns. Ask how he feels about the situation, and ask if he wants you to get involved. There are many options to pursue, from merely blocking these "friends" to informing the school. Present some choices to your son, and work with him to decide how he wants to handle things.

What would you tell this person: "My boss keeps taking credit for my ideas. What should I do?"

First, pat yourself on the back that you've got all these great ideas! In a corporate environment, you're working for both your boss, and for the company. Your boss obviously thinks highly of your work. But it sounds like your real concern is that the company will value your work. Keep documentation of the projects that you've worked on and your various contributions. That way when it comes time for evaluations, or when you go after a promotion, your input will be recognized. You can be a team player, and still toot your own horn at the appropriate time.

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